The most beautiful places at Lake Titicaca

The best of Titicaca

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The most beautiful places at Lake Titicaca
Inserted: 16.03.2023
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Titicaca is perhaps the most famous and well-known lake in all of South America. It belongs half to Peru and half to Bolivia. Among the beautiful places are several islands located on the lake – each of them has its own unique culture. The coast of the lake with the adjacent hills and several monuments in the surrounding towns are also interesting. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places around Lake Titicaca.

Sun Island

Sacred island on Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 4 031 m / 13 225 ft

The Incas, according to the ancient legends, determined their origin from the island of the Sun, located on… continue reading


The most important Bolivian ruins

| Altitude: 3 858 m / 12 657 ft

Just a short distance from Lake Titicaca there are the most remarkable Bolivian ruins – Tiwanaku, the former… continue reading

Floating islands Uros

An interesting tribe on Lake Titicaca

| Altitude: 3 815 m / 12 516 ft

Only a short distance from the large town of Puno, situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca, you can see the… continue reading

Basilica of Our Lady of Copacabana

The most beautiful monument at Lake Titicaca

Altitude: 3 861 m / 12 667 ft

The White Basilica in Copacabana is a wonderful example of 16th century colonial architecture. The empty… continue reading

City View

The second most famous island on Lake Titicaca

Altitude: 3 928 m / 12 887 ft

After lunch, the only thing waiting for you is the descent to the port. First you have to climb a few meters… continue reading

At the top of Cerro Calvario

Iconic peak above Copacabana

Altitude: 3 975 m / 13 041 ft

The top of the hill really lives up to its name. Here you will meet not only tourists, but also locals… continue reading

Cathedral in the city of Puno

The most beautiful monument in Pune

Altitude: 3 851 m / 12 635 ft

In the historic center of the city of Puno, you will also come across the beautiful Cathedral of St. Charles… continue reading

Kuntur Wasi viewpoint

The most beautiful view in Pune

Altitude: 3 989 m / 13 087 ft

To the west of the city center of Puno rise hills reaching over 4,300 meters above sea level. The famous… continue reading

Cerro Pucara (3,975m)

Little known view of Titicaca

Altitude: 3 975 m / 13 041 ft

Cerro Pucara (3,975m) is a little-known but beautiful observation hill just a few kilometers north of… continue reading

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