The most beautiful mountain passes in Austria

The best road passes in Austria

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The most beautiful mountain passes in Austria
Inserted: 28.12.2021
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In Austria, as a beautiful alpine country, you will come across a number of very nice mountain roads. Some are blind and mostly lead to ski resorts under the glacier. But here we will look at the most beautiful mountain road passes that you can pass in Austria.

Hochtor / Grossglockner

The most famous road in Austria

| Altitude: 2 504 m / 8 215 ft

The Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, or Grossglockner High Alpine Road in High Taurus, is the most famous… continue reading

Timmelsjoch pass

Passo Rombo

| Altitude: 2 509 m / 8 232 ft

Timmelsjoch (2 509m) is the highest road pass in Austria / some sources also indicate a height only (2 474m… continue reading

Staller Sattel

Traffic-controlled pass

| Altitude: 2 052 m / 6 732 ft

The Staller Sattel (2,052 meters above sea level) is interesting because, thanks to its narrow road, it is… continue reading

Kühtai Pass

The famous pass in the Stubai Alps

Altitude: 2 017 m / 6 617 ft

The Kühtai Pass (2,017 m above sea level) can be found in the north of the Stubai Alps. It is not only a well… continue reading

Thurn pass

The connection between Tyrol and Salzburg

| Altitude: 1 273 m / 4 177 ft

The Thurn Pass (1,273m above sea level) is not very high for Alps, but is an important link between Kitzbühel… continue reading

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