The most beautiful deserts of the world

The most beautiful deserts of the world

Arid part of the world

Deserts - places where people been always fascinated with its remoteness and death. Only the most experienced were able to survive here. Deserts are not just endless sand dunes, but also rocky and volcanic plains and snow-white salary fields. In this list you will find the places which certainly captivates you with its impressive beauty.

Namib Desert
-24.735, 15.325
575 m / 1 886 ft

#1 Namib Desert

The oldest desert with the highest dunes

At almost the entire coast of Namibia lies one of the world's most photogenic desert with dead trees, salt plains and up to 350 meters high dunes, in whose depths can easily go from Sesriem.

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Wadi Rum desert
29.528, 35.439
993 m / 3 258 ft

#2 Wadi Rum desert

The most beautiful desert of Jordan

Orange desert of Wadi Rum is one of the most beautiful deserts of the world. You can find here orange sand dunes, breathtaking table mountains, rock bridges and narow gorges. You can see here herd of camels. Wadi Rum is also famous for sunsets and sunrises.

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Rub' al Khali Desert
22.827, 53.839
82 m / 269 ft

#3 Rub' al Khali Desert

The largest continuous desert of the world

The Rub al-Khalí Desert, known as Empty Quarter, is the world's largest continuous desert. It occupies most of the Arabian peninsula. It belongs to several countries (Saudi Arabia, Oman, United Arab Emirates and Yemen).

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Dunes of Erg Chebbi
31.146, -3.968
736 m / 2 415 ft

#4 Dunes of Erg Chebbi

The most famous Moroccan dunes

World's largest desert Sahara extends even to Morocco. The local most beautiful and most visited dunes are called Erg Chebbi. You can ride a camel here or enjoy a hike to the few hundred meter high sand dunes. The best part of the day is sunrise and sunset, when the sand has a beautiful yellow color.

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Salar de Uyuni
-20.164, -67.571
3 660 m / 12 008 ft

#5 Salar de Uyuni

The biggest salar in the world

Salar de Uyuni is the largest salt desert on the earth. It is, for example, twice larger than famous Great Salt Lake in Utah. It has 12 106 square kilometers, salt layer is between 2-20 meters and annually is mined 20,000 tons. In addition, there are interesting black rocks towering from salar like true "islands". They are covered by several cacti. Dry salt makes interesting geometric polygons here. On the other hand, when is salar after rains full of water, it looks like an endless mirror.  

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The White Desert
27.058, 27.97
73 m / 240 ft

#6 The White Desert

Among the oases of western Egypt

On the western part of Egypt are deserts divided according to the color of their sand. The most beautiful is the White desert with a variety of rock formations and cliffs near the Farafra oasis.

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Atacama Desert
-22.866, -68.227
2 544 m / 8 346 ft

#7 Atacama Desert

The driest desert in the world

The Atacama Desert is considered as the driest desert in the world. Atacama occupies the entire north of Chile and south of Peru. The most beautiful and a very accessible part of Atacama desert is seen near San Pedro de Atacama. Here are the bizarre red-colored cliffs and canyons.

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Desert Desierto de Dali
-22.659, -67.71
4 700 m / 15 420 ft

#8 Desert Desierto de Dali

Desert between pastel volcanoes

High mountain desert measuring about 10x10km surrounded on three sides by volcanoes abounding with pastel colors is one of the big attractions on salar tour. Unfortunately, most cars stop here only for a short time and then continue on to thermal springs Polque.  

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Flaming mountains in Turfan
42.957, 89.539
126 m / 413 ft

#9 Flaming mountains in Turfan

The desert like Mars

Turfan and adjacent Turpan Depression is the lowest place in China found to -154 meters below sea level. The surrounding area has a desert character. Nearby highlights are orange desert mountains to the east of the city. There is a beautiful almost Martian landscape with big dunes, canyons and beautiful oasis.

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Death valley
36.616, -117.11
-11 m / -36 ft

#10 Death valley

The lowest point in North America

Death valley is really a deadly place. Here prevail most of the year the inhuman temperatures. The lowest point is filled with salt plain. There is, however, dunes and beautiful rock formations. The whole valley is bordered by high mountains.

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Dunes near Dunhuang
40.087, 94.669
1 147 m / 3 763 ft

#11 Dunes near Dunhuang

Desert with a magical oasis

Between the Taklamakan and Gobi deserts lies on the route of the former Silk Road city of Dunhuang. To the south of the city are huge sand dunes with a small oasis, which is famous for its picturesque lake. Around the lake are incredible crowds of local tourists, but just walk a few meters into the desert, and it's all just yours.

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Oasis of Huacachina
-14.088, -75.764
401 m / 1 316 ft

#12 Oasis of Huacachina

An oasis in the Peruvian desert

Just a few kilometers west of the great city of Ica is a desert with huge dunes and picturesque oasis Huacachina. Lake surrounded by dunes looks really remarkably.

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White Sands National Monument
32.787, -106.326
1 200 m / 3 937 ft

#13 White Sands National Monument

Good night, white beauty ...

Somewhere far, hidden between the mountains, there is a bloody bride. It's all in white, as the brides are usually, and it's also a little treacherous and mysterious. We women are like that. But whoever falls in love with it will discover unimaginable beauty.

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Desert around Yazd
32.365, 54.601
2 010 m / 6 594 ft

#14 Desert around Yazd

Desert with mountains

Almost all the Iran is filled two huge desert Lut and Kavir. About their interfaces is an ancient city of Yazd. The surrounding desert is with beautifully mountainous, full of dramatic scenery.

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Tabernas desert
37.016, -2.471
250 m / 820 ft

#15 Tabernas desert

The only one European desert

Tabernas desert, lying in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada, is considered the only one European desert. It is a land of barren ridges and arid valleys reminiscent of the classic US badlands. It is possible to take a wide range of nice hikes, if you are fascinated by arid landscape.

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Dune du Pyla
44.591, -1.213
59 m / 194 ft

#16 Dune du Pyla

The highest dune of Europe

In the west of France, next to the Bay of Biscay, you will find the highest dune of Europe - Dune du Pyla. The most popular activity here is the walk on top of a dune and overlooking the sea. Forest on the other side of the dune resists with difficulty of this massive sand mass.

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Wahiba Sands Desert
22.39, 58.798
332 m / 1 089 ft

#17 Wahiba Sands Desert

The most visited desert in Oman

The Wahiba Sands Desert is a very well-available desert with about 100 meters high dunes. The area is about 180x80km. The surrounding oasis has developed tourism, and almost every local will offer you a night in the Bedouin camp or at least a dune ride.

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