The most beautiful castles and chateaux in Austria

The best of castles and chateaux in Austria

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The most beautiful castles and chateaux in Austria
Inserted: 28.01.2022
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Austria offers a number of beautiful castles and chateaux. Thanks to its location on important historical trade routes in the Danube or Inna valley, you will find a number of guard castles on the rocks above the river. You will also find a lot of castles here, thanks to the fact that Austria was the center of the empire. Let's take a look at the most famous of them

Hohensalzburg Castle

The largest castle in Austria

| Altitude: 507 m / 1 663 ft

On the southern edge of the historic center of Salzburg you will find the monumental fortress Hohensalzburg… continue reading

Schönbrunn Palace

The most famous castle in Austria

Altitude: 191 m / 627 ft

Schönbrunn is not only the most famous, but also the largest castle in Austria. You will find it at the… continue reading

Castle Hohenwerfen

An impoverished castle

| Altitude: 623 m / 2 044 ft

The mighty Hohenwerfen Castle stands on virtually impregnable location on a rock high above the river Salzach… continue reading


The most beautiful castle in Austria

Altitude: 194 m / 636 ft

Belvedere is the second beautiful castle in Vienna. Although not as popular as Schönbrunn, it is even more… continue reading


The largest castle in Austria

Altitude: 180 m / 591 ft

Today, the Hofburg is more of a large palace complex than a classic castle – something like Prague Castle.… continue reading

Kufstein Fortress

The most important castle above the river Inn

Altitude: 516 m / 1 693 ft

With an overview of the most important monument of Kufstein is the local fortress – one of the most important… continue reading

Mirabell Palace

Beautiful castle in Salzburg

Altitude: 427 m / 1 401 ft

The second most important monument in Salzburg, after the famous fortress, is Mirabell Palace. The castle was… continue reading

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