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The most beautiful areas of Northern Bohemia

What to visit in Northern Bohemia

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The most beautiful areas of Northern Bohemia
Inserted: 30.05.2021
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Northern Bohemia is a region in the northwest of the Czech Republic, today located within two regions: Liberec and Ústí. Here you will find many Tertiary volcanoes within the Bohemian Central Mountains or the Lusatian Mountains, beautiful sandstone rocks within Bohemian Switzerland and the Elbe Sandstones or the northern part of the Kokořín and Macha regions. You can also enjoy the plateau of the Jizera Mountains or the longest mountain range in the country – the Ore Mountains. Northern Bohemia is really worth a few long visits

České Švýcarsko and Labské pískovce

The most beautiful region of the Czech Republic


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České středohoří

Kingdom of Tertiary volcanoes


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Paradise of romantics and tramps


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Lužické mountains

Volcanic region in northern Bohemia


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Ore Mountains

The longest mountain range in the Czech Republic


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Ještědsky ridge

Awesome outlooks to all sides


Sixty kilometers long Ještědsko-Kozákovský ridge works mainly as a perfect outlook of a lot of other… continue reading

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