The highest mountains of the Bernina Mountains

The highest peaks of the Eastern Alps

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The highest mountains of the Bernina Mountains
Inserted: 27.08.2023
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The Bernina mountain range is the highest mountain range of the entire Eastern Alps. There is one 4,000 m and then several higher mountains of 3,900 m+. This mountain range is also one of the most glaciated in the Eastern Alps. You will have the most beautiful views of the highest peaks from the beautiful place of Diavolezza or from the adjacent lower peaks. So let's take a look at the highest peaks of the Bernina Mountains.

Piz Bernina (4,049 m)

The highest peak of the Eastern Alps

Altitude: 4 049 m / 13 284 ft

Piz Bernina (4,049 m) is the mountain of many. For one thing, it is the highest mountain in the Eastern Alps.… continue reading

Piz Zupò (3996 m)

The second highest peak of the Bernina mountain range

Altitude: 3 996 m / 13 110 ft

Piz Zupò (3,996m) is the second highest mountain of the Bernina mountain range. From a classic view from… continue reading

Bellavista (3,922m)

A mountain with several peaks

Altitude: 3 922 m / 12 867 ft

Bellavista is a massif with four important peaks: Bellavista Ostgipfel (3,799m), Bellavista Mittelgipfel Ost … continue reading

Piz Palü (3,905m)

A mountain with an amazing north face

Altitude: 3 905 m / 12 812 ft

Piz Palü (3,905m) is one of the most interesting mountains in the Bernina mountain range (just as high as,… continue reading

Piz Cambrena (3606 m)

Peak above Lake Bianco

Altitude: 3 606 m / 11 831 ft

Piz Cambrena (3,606m) is the highest peak in the east of the massif, but compared to the neighboring peak Piz… continue reading

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