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The best swimming in the Bohemian Paradise

Swimming Jičín and surroundings

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The best swimming in the Bohemian Paradise
Inserted: 07.08.2018
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On tropical hot days, it's good to see where to go to cool off. Fortunately, Bohemian Paradise offers not only sandstone rock towns, but also a wide range of swimming opportunities. Come take a look at our selection

Swimming pool Dachova

Sun Spa near Hořice

| Altitude: 347 m / 1 138 ft

Dachova Swimming Pool is a natural swimming pool with historic wooden changing rooms just a short distance… continue reading

Swimming pool Chlumec nad Cidlinou

Swimming pool with bar in the middle

| Altitude: 217 m / 712 ft

The swimming pool in Chlumec nad Cidlinou is one of the best by far. You will find here not only a few slides… continue reading

Aquacentrum in Jičín

Swimming pool full of attractions

| Altitude: 275 m / 902 ft

Recently renovated aquacentrum Kníže in Jičín offers a lot of attractions including the bathing water slides… continue reading

Swimming pool Sobotka

Swimming pool under Humprecht

| Altitude: 282 m / 925 ft

Right in the heart of the Bohemian Paradise under the Humprecht chateau you will find a classic swimming pool… continue reading

Jinolické Ponds

Swimming under Prachov Rocks

| Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

Jinolice ponds are among the most famous places of the Bohemian Paradise. It is also located in a very… continue reading

Swimming pool Sklář Ostružno

Nostalgic swimming pool

| Altitude: 285 m / 935 ft

Sklář Ostružno swimming pool was once one of the most popular swimming pools in the vicinity of Jičín.… continue reading

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