Trips to national parks around Sydney

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Trips to national parks around Sydney
Inserted: 17.11.2021
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The surroundings of the city of Sydney surprisingly offer a lot of beautiful natural places that are worth a visit. The most famous of these is the Blue Mountains National Park. The beautiful coast with amazing beaches can be found in the Royal National Park. The most sought-after national park is Sydney Harbor. Let's see how to visit these parks and see the most beautiful places

A trip to the Blue Mountains National Park

The most famous of the national parks around Sydney is the Blue Mountains north of the city. The most popular travel option is to take a train from Sydney Central Station to Katoomba, which takes two hours. Katoomba lies at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. Here it is ideal to stay and go on a hike in the afternoon on the edge of a rock plateau at the southern end of the city. This walk is called the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and you will see the most famous views of the national park. Other hikes in the Blue Mountains are significantly more challenging and count on the whole day, for example, on a trip to Bushwalkers hill

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Blue Mountains National Park

Trip to the Royal National Park

The best starting point for the Royal National Park is the town of Bundeena, south of Sydney. You can get here by bus from Martin Place Station. The beautiful The Coast track begins in Bundeena, 27 kilometers long to the city of Helensburgh. Along the way you will see beautiful cliffs, beaches, waterfalls

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Royal National park

A trip to Sydney Harbor National Park

A trip to Sydney Harbor National Park is the easiest and least demanding. From Sydney Opera House, take a boat to Manly and from there along the coast back to Sydney.

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Sydney Harbour National Park
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