Trip to Canberry

What to visit in Canberra

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Trip to Canberry
Inserted: 02.03.2021
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Compared to Sydney and Melbourne, Canberra is definitely not a big city, but it is definitely worth a weekend visit. Canberra has three main magnets for its visitors: the Australian War Memorial, Lake Burley Griffin (its central part of the Central Basin) and the Parliament House on Capital Hill. Everything basically lies on one line and is easily accessible on foot, but you can still walk nicely. It is over five kilometers from the monument to the parliament.

First day in Camberra

You will probably arrive in Canberry sometime in the afternoon. After your stay, head to the Australian War Memorial for a gloomy atmosphere

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The Australian War Memorial in Canberra is a very important building, of course, especially for Australians. It is intended as a… continue reading

Australian War Memorial

Cockatoo parrots

Forget the pigeons, in Canberra you will be accompanied by the roar of cockatoo parrots, of which there are a really large number

Cockatoo parrots
Author: Petr Liška ©

Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial

In Canberra you will find a number of monuments, among the most interesting are certainly the Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial. It had an atmosphere here especially in the evening

Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
Author: Petr Liška ©

The next day in Canberra

The next day will be quite walking. We head first to Lake Central Basin, then to Parliament and finally to the lookout hill Ainslie

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Ascent to Mount Ainslie (842 m)
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