Article Trip to Rychory

A beautiful circular tour east of the Krkonoše Mountains

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Trip to Rychory
Inserted: 04.10.2022
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Rýchory is the easternmost part of the Giant Mountains. They are also the lowest and probably the least visited part of the mountain range. That makes it even more pleasant to wander around the beautiful meadows with a view of Sněžka or Vraní hory. The circuit described here is about 28 kilometers long, and you can walk practically the whole of Rýchory.

From Svoboda nad Úpou to the ridge

The ideal starting point for this round trip is Svoboda na Úpou. From there, you will immediately face the biggest climb up to Rýhorská bouda. From there we will go over the highest point of Rýhor – Dvorský les to the beautiful view of Sněžná domka.

Svoboda nad Úpou hike - Rychory

To the easternmost part of the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 650 m / 2 133 ft

Rýchory is the easternmost part of the Krkonoše mountains with the highest peak Dvorský les. One of the good… continue reading

Hike through Dvorský les

Over the highest place Rychor

Altitude: 1 035 m / 3 396 ft

The highest peak of Rýhor (the easternmost part of the Giant Mountains) is the flat peak of Dvorský les (1… continue reading

Peak hike through the meadows of the Eastern Giant Mountains

The second stage of the hike is very beautiful, we will go through the meadows in the direction of Albeřice with beautiful views. Then there is a shorter ascent to Lysečinská bouda and a long descent through Horní Maršov back to Svoboda nad Úpou

Hike Rýchory - Horní Albeřice - Lysečiny

A beautiful hike through the Krkonoše meadows

Altitude: 770 m / 2 526 ft

The hike from Rýhor through Horní Albeřice to Lysečin leads through a picturesque landscape full of meadows… continue reading

Hike Lysečinská bouda - Svoboda nad Úpou

Connection of the Úpa valley with the peaks of the Eastern Giant Mountains

Altitude: 966 m / 3 169 ft

If you want to descend from the peaks of the Eastern Krkonoše (or, on the contrary, climb them), the blue… continue reading

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