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Trip to Marmaris
Inserted: 28.07.2014
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Marmaris is destination mostly for tourists preferring all inclusive package tours, but it is possible to undertake here also interesting sightseeing program with swimming in beautiful bays, see ancient monuments or driving across deserted and wild mountains.

Day 1

Tour around the Marmaris town

Already during driving down from the mountains to Marmaris you will be captivated by the amazing bay that around which the town was built. But it is a shame that the beaches in Marmaris are very crowded and it is even quite difficult to get through the incredible number of sun loungers to the sand. But do not worry; just go a little further and you can enjoy a wide range of wonderful beaches. During the first day you can get acquainted with the local long promenade, the old town and a great yacht harbor.

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Marmaris has basically three centers where is the largest accumulation of tourists – old town with harbor, coastal promenade that… continue reading

Beach and promenade in Marmaris
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Visit of the old part of Marmaris
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Walk in the port in Marmaris

Day 2

Walk to Icmeler

The next day you can set out to neighboring Icmeler along the coastal promenade. In Icmeler you can have lunch and swim for the remaining part of the day.

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The most popular walk around the resort of Marmaris is a short trip along the seafront promenade to the neighboring Icmeler.… continue reading

Walk Marmaris - Içmeler
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Only seven kilometers away (along the road or the seafront promenade) from Marmaris is located in a nice cove massively growing… continue reading


Day 3 to 4

Turunc, Kumlubuk and Bozburun peninsula

Turunc is a small town in a stunning cove. It is possible to get here also by taxi-boat from Marmaris. The next day it is worth to drive along the whole coastal road up to Kumlubuk with lots of beautiful views and beaches. Alternatively, you can continue on into the interior of wild Bozburun peninsula. If you are in time pressure and want to see all this, you can do everything just during one long day.

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Swimming in Turunc
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Scenic Road Marmaris - Kumlubük
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Drive around Bozburun peninsula

Day 5

Boat trip

Perhaps the best trip from Marmaris is the boat trip around Bozborun peninsula offering views of local beautiful mountains, bays, beaches and caves. Be sure to choose the long variant with a stop in Pregnant Church bay.

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Boat trip from Marmaris I.
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Boat trip from Marmaris II.
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Day 6

Long trip to Datça peninsula

Limestone mountains, pine forests, views from the road passes beautiful beaches and ruins of ancient Knidos – all this you can see in interesting Datça peninsula.

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Datça peninsula contrasts with bustling Marmaris. On local calm beaches spend holidays mainly local Turkish families. Peninsula… continue reading

Trip to Datça peninsula

7 and more days

There is a wide range of possible closer and more distant trips:

  • Trip to Cleopatra island (Sedir Adasi) is popular. There is not only a nice beach, but also the remains of ancient monuments. If you want to get here independently, you have to go by car to the small port of Camlı (5 km off the main road Marmaris-Mugla and in total 18 kilometers from Marmaris) and from here by boat /return ticket costs 15TL, entrance to the island 10TL).
  • A popular boat trip from Marmaris is a cruise to Dalyan. The program includes a visit to beach with turtles, mud baths and view of famous tombs at the town.
  • A trip to Bodrum (170 km one way).
  • From Marmaris you can also go to Pamukkale, but be aware of the long journey (215 km one way).
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