Trip to Karimabad

Trip to Karimabad

Heart of Hunza

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Overcrowding: Below average
Difficulty: Below average
Time: 3 Days

Hunza valley enclosed by ice karakorum giants offers cou­ntless number of amazing long treks and one day trips. Also lovers of history will like it here, because there are ancient fortresses built on tactical places over the river. Everything is easily accessible from the tourist center of the valley – Karimabad.  


Day 1

Seeing Karimabad

Journey to Karimabad along the Karakorum highway is long and tiring whether you come from the south from Gilgit or you come to Pakistan from the north via Khunjerab pass. The rest of the day can be used to explore the old part of town and relax on the rooftop with stunning views of Rakaposhi and Diran peak.

Article: Drive Gilgit - Karimabad

Long short drive through the Hunza valle

Hundred kilometers along the Karakoram Highway between Gilgit and Karimabad can easily stretch to five hours. This travel in a crowded Pakistani minibus with its rule of three people sitting on two seats can be quite exhausting. The length of the way depends mainly on the current road conditions. Views of the surroundings and the destination are definitely worth the suffering, if you are lucky and sit near the window.

Article: Visit of Karimabad

Heart of Hunza valley

If Gilgit is a gateway to Hunza valley, then Karimabad (2435 m asl) is his heart. This town wonderfully located in almost 350 vertical meters above the river surface offers spectacular views of the fertile valley bisecting the majestic ridge of Karakoram and bonus view of Rakaposhi (7788 m asl). It is not only the perfect place to relax after a mountain trek or jeep tour around northern Pakistan, but also great starting point for exploring the surrounding attractions.

Day 2

Seeing the fort in Karimabad and Altit

The next day visit the old castle in Baltit and another in neighboring Altit. In the castles are small exposures of original life and in addition, from there are beautiful views of the surrounding stunning countryside.

Article: Visit of Baltit Fort

The largest castle in the valley of Hunz

Above the Old Town in Karimabad rises beautiful ancient castle - Baltit - the most formidable fortress in the valley of Hunza. Its visit is not only associated with exploring the old days, but also serves as a splendid lookout of the surroundings – of the local monumental mountains such as Rakaposhi or Diran and the valley of Hunza. The most beautiful view of the fort is from the way to Ultars meadows and then from the bottom of the town.

Article: A walk to Altit

Easy walk from Karimabad

If you would like to explore the old town and fortress in Altit, the best way to go there from Karimabad is by walk along not busy little road leading high above the Hunza valley. The views of the valley and in the direction of Ultar meadows or at Diran peak are very nice. In addition, it makes altogether only five kilometers to get there and back.

Article: Visit of Fort Altit

Castle over the Hunza valley

On a small rocky cliff high above the river Hunza stands an ancient watchtower that guarded the trade route. It is also a very nice view of the surrounding mountains and also of the roofs of the old town in Altit, where piles of apricots dry in the season. It is an ideal destination of walks from Karimabad.

Day 3

Ascend to Ultars meadows

The third day is for lovers of high mountain hiking. The most typical hike from Karimabad is long ascent to Ultars mea­dows surrounded by massive peaks headed by Ultar Sar (7 388 m asl). The most photogenic rock tower, however, is Lady Finger.

  • If you want to extend this trip for a day, spend the night in the hut in the meadows and set out early in the morning to Honn pass for the best view of Hunza valley. 

Article: Ascent to Ultars meadows

Ascent high above the valley of Hunza

Ascent to Ultars meadows is the most popular day hike leading straight up above the narrow and steep canyon at the upper part filled up by the glacier and take you to the magical place overlooking the surrounding steep peaks and a small waterfall. Most photogenic mountain here is the famous "Lady finger ". This hike can be managed either without backpack or by staying in a small mountain hut or possibly get even higher to Honn pass.

Tips for trips for other days

Karimabad is the starting point for a wide range of treks, so if you have free days available, do not hesitate and go towards Karakoram.

  • The best known and most popular trek in the surroundings is the walk to the amazing lake Rush (4 618 m asl)
  • Nice is also the walk to Rakaposhi BC
  • Even if you do not plan to continue on to the north, take a trip to lake Attabad

Article: By boat across the lake Attabad

Lake which killed

Only eleven kilometers north of Karimabad is a beautiful turquoise lake, which came into existence in January 2010 by a gigantic landslide. The whole mountain slid here, which perfectly dammed Hunza river. Within a very short time this new world wonder was created - 21 km long and 109 m deep lake Attabad. Dozens of houses, thousands of trees and also the only link to the north - the Karakoram highway ended buried under the ground. The lake surface ends today in steep slopes of the mountains, so it is not possible to pass through the valley otherwise than by a ship.

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