Trip to Gojal

Northern outpost of Pakistan

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Trip to Gojal
Inserted: 04.09.2014
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The northernmost part of Pakistan is called Gojal or also Upper Hunza. It is now, thanks to a gigantic landslide and origination of Attabad lake, even more isolated from the rest of the country than it used to be. Most travelers only transit here on their way along the Karakorum highway from or to China over the pass Khunjerab, although this area offers amazing hikes and treks. Basic and shortest trip is a visit to the village of Passu dominated by the massif Cathedral and interesting one-day trek in the vicinity of gigantic mountain ridge Batura Wall to lake Borit.  

Day 1

Across the lake Attabad to Passu

People usually set out to the Gojal area from Karimabad, the center of Hunza valley. However, it is also possible to get there in one day from the larger town Gilgit. In this case will await you very interesting cruise on the beautiful, though for locals very impractical Attabad lake. In the evening set out for a walk around the neighborhood of Passu and admire the views of the famous peak Cathedral.

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Day 2

Hike to lake Borit

The next day head out for a nice day hike to the lake Borit. You will probably not meet a living soul for the whole day and you will surely appreciate the number of views of the glaciers and Batura Wall.

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Another days

You can either return back from Passu the same way, or if you're heading to China, move to the town Sost, from where runs the bus through the Khunjerab pass to China.If you have more time, you can undertake a longer trek e.g.:

  • Shimshal trek
  • Batura wall trek
  • Trek to valley Chapursan

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