Trip to gorges Dades and Todra

Trip to gorges Dades and Todra

The most beautiful canyons in Morocco

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Overcrowding: Above average
Difficulty: Very gentle
Time: 1 Day

One day trip to gorges Dades and Todra belongs definitely to one of the most beautiful Moroccan trips. You will see here beautiful green oasis at the bottom of canyons, high arid mountains, picturesque villages and reddish colored rock formations. If you have a terrain car, you can extend this trip also by trip to interesting Plateau des Lacs or other places, either by walking or by car.  

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Article: Drive Ouarzazate - M´Gouna

Through the valley of river Dades

Less than one hundred kilometer between Ouarzazate and M'Gouna leads through, in these places still wide, valley of river Dades surrounded on both sides by two thousand high mountain massifs. Huge lake right behind Ourazazate contrasts to the arid desert landscape. M'Gouna - the destination of this stage is a good starting point to interesting Moroccan gorge Dades.

Article: Driving through Dades Gorge 1

Start of the impressive gorge

The path from the large oasis M'Gouna leads a couple of kilometers through wide valley before it together with the river breaks through the rocky ridge a short way behind the crossroads in Boumalne Dades and leads then through narrow canyon full of red rocks. The road leading through Dades valley is definitely one of the nicest in Morocco.

Article: Driving through the gorge Dades 2

Moroccan Grand Canyon

The most interesting part of the journey through the gorge Dades begins with famous switchbacks, during which you get several dozen altitude meters higher. Another part of the journey continues high above the canyon, where you can enjoy views of the greenery surrounding the river and arid mountain ridges around. However, if you do not have off-road car, your journey ends basically with the end of asphalt a few kilometers behind Msemrir and you will have to return the same way.

Article: Drive Boumalne Dades - Tineghir

Junction of two famous gorges

If you do not have off-road vehicle to cross the high mountain pass, you have no other choice than to drive from Dades Gorge to Todra Gorge for 50 km along the main road N10 in relatively boring upland plains almost without any life. The nicest part of this journey is at the very beginning and then at the end, when you have beautiful views of the oasis Boumalne Dades and Tineghir.

Article: Outlook road to Oasis of Tineghir

Greenery surrounded by red countryside

The mountains open at the end of Todra gorge and river valley spreads out considerably into flat desert countryside. All the surroundings of the river are covered with thousands of date palms. The slopes above the oasis are relatively densely populated. The biggest of the surrounding villages and towns is Tineghir situated at the crossroads. There are several beautiful outlook places of this scenery by the road, which are definitely worth a stop.  

Article: Hike above the gorge of Todra

Through Todra gorge into the mountains t

Trek through Todra Gorge is not very difficult. We get to the nomadic settlement in the mountains through interesting terrain of rocky and plastic Atlas and then return different way back to the starting point. 

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