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4 day trek to the highest table mountain

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Trek on Roraim
Inserted: 26.04.2022
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Probably the most famous trek you can do in Venezuela is to climb the most famous and highest table mountain – Roraimu. Another interesting fact is that at its top you will find the tri-border states of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana. Most travelers go to the mountain for five or six days, but the trek can be completed in four days.

Day 1 - Start of the trek on Roraim

If you leave Ciudad Bolivar by night bus, you will be in the morning in the town of San Francisco de Yuraní. Arrange the import to the Paraitepuy trek here. From here you will set out on a tiring savannah path to the river Kukenán.

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Hike Paraitepuy - river Kukenán

Day 2: Ascent to Table Mountain

The next day we first have a hike from the river Kukenán to the foot of Table Mountain. Then we finally start to climb Table Mountain along an interesting trail. At the top of the mountain we will be surprised by a completely different world and a night in a beautiful camp between the rocks.

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Final ascent to Roraim

Day 3: Hike to Triple Point and start of the return

The third day is the best. We set off at the top of Table Mountain to its highest point – Triple Point. Along the way there are a number of beautiful nooks and fairytale rocks. After returning to the camp, we begin the descent and camp under the wall of Roraima in the base camp.

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Roraima - ascent to Triple point

Day 4: Return

Following the same route we return to the river Kukenán, and then across the savannah to Paraitepuy. Here it is possible to spend the night or move straight to the main road and wait for the bus to the next location

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