Everest View Trek

Everest View Trek

Walk to the outlook place at Everest

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Rating:Very good
Overcrowding: Bigger
Difficulty: Average
Time: 1 Week

Everest View Trek (or Namche Bazar trek) is a basic introduction to Khumbu area. It is suitable especially for those who are worried about high altitudes or just do not have energy for the entire trek to base camp below Everest or trek across three passes. During this walk you will also see the highest mountain in the world – Mount Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam.  


1 to 2 day - Trek to Namche Bazar

The beginning is about the transfer to Lukla (2 850 m asl), starting point of the trek. The flight in a small plane itself over the green ridges is worth it, but the best is the landing on a short runway. There is not much to see in Lukla itself except for a few old houses. Therefore, if you arrive early, set out already the same day for a walk to Namche Bazar. The second day awaits you the rest of the walk to Namche Bazar. Almost the entire day you will be walking at below three thousand meters above sea level, but the final ascend will sure be very demanding (from Lukla in one day, which is ideal for those not having enough time). This part of the trek is the most crowded, because everyone must go this way back and forth. Namche Bazar (3 440 m asl) is already relatively high, so you may already feel the altitude. From there you need to think about acclimatization to avoid mountain sickness.

Article: Flight Kathmandu - Lukla

Flight to Everest

Trip under Everest is a desirable destination of visitors to Nepal. One of the ways to get here relatively easily is erratic flight to the small airport in Lukla, which is often placed in the ranking of the most dangerous airports in the world. But compared to classic alternative of long bus ride to Jiri and several days lasting trek in the foothills of the Himalayas it is significantly faster option, however, if your flights are not cancelled several times due to bad weather. Anyway, during the flight you will see from above the green ridges of central and eastern Nepal and enjoy an adrenaline landing directly against the rock wall.

Article: Hike Lukla - Namche Bazar

Start of Everest Trek

The walk from Lukla to Namche Bazaar is the warm-up phase of Everest trek leading below three thousand meters above sea level most of the time. It is also the most crowded stage, because nearly everyone must walk this way. Some tourists do not enjoy this walk very much, because they are already looking forward to the outlooks of glaciated mountain giants lying higher and further ahead, but even so it can be interesting. You will cross here long suspension bridges over the river valleys, meet first yaks caravans and observe interesting "foothill" agricultural Nepali life. Most Itineraries show this stage as a two-day hike with sleeping in Phakding, but it can be managed without any problem in just one day (on the way there and back). You can then devote the time saved to better acclimatization around higher located Namche Bazaar or undertake another side trips.

Article: Visit of Namche Bazar

Trekers center Khumbu

Namche Bazar (3 440 m asl) is the biggest town in the entire Khumbu valley, nestled in a circular mountain amphitheater. If you go to this area, it is virtually impossible to miss this place. There is everything arranged for tourists nowadays - a large number of huge lodges with restaurants, shops with hiking and climbing equipment, souvenirs and other crap. Most of the tourists stay here for at least two nights for an important acclimatization and another one on the way back to Lukla, so the streets are quite crowded. It is an ideal base for acclimatization trips to sherpas villages of Khumjung and Khunde or around the surrounding hillsides and of course a stop on the direct path under Everest or more interesting alternative trek across three passes.

3 to 4 day

Sherpa villages and the way through the valley of Bhote Khosi

The next day awaits you one day outing around sherpa villages Khumjung and Khunde lying above Namche Bazaar. In addition, on the way from outlook place Everest View you will first see Everest, Lhotse and mythical Ama Dablam. Then finally follows a stage, when you separate from the crowds heading to Everest by the shortest possible route and head towards Thame situated in the valley of Bhote Koshi. Except for of our trek route, there are also two more significantly tougher ones – through dangerous pass Tesi Lapcha (5 755 m asl) to the valley Rolwaling and then to the pass Nangpa la (5 806 m asl), through which once led a trade route with salt to Tibet. Also, this way leads the trek through three passes as a very nice alternative to the classic walk to BC Everest. Moreover, in the vicinity of Thame, you can undertake a nice hike to the monastery or overcome himself and rise up to five thousand meters above sea level on top of Sunder Peak.

Article: Hike to Khumjung and Khunde

Sherpa villages above Namche Bazar

Favorite acclimatization trip leads to the outlook point Everest view and continue to sherpa villages of Khumjung (3 780 m asl) and Khunde (3 860 m asl). The first views of Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam will definitely take your breath away. The circuit is for about half a day, but if you will enjoy the views and do not rush, it will definitely take longer. You should also consider whether to walk with all the backpack or accommodate in Khumjung for better acclimatization.

Article: Hike Namche Bazar - Thame

Beginning of journey through valley of B

Journey to Thame (3,800 m asl) from Namche Bazaar can be for someone only acclimatization day trip, for others start of the trek of three passes leading through the valley of Bhote Khosi to the pass Renjo la (alternative way to Gokyo) or to more expedition-related hikes leading to the pass Nangpa la or through Tesi Lapcha to the valley of Rolwaling. Anyway, it's a very pleasant walk full of nice views of the mountains and picturesque villages along the way with minimum of other tourists, which is not usual in the Everest area.

Article: Walk around Thame

Through the valley to Tesi Lapcha

If you set off early in the morning from Namche Bazar to Thame, you'll have plenty of time to undertake an afternoon trip around the neighborhood. The ideal seems to be the ascent to the local monastery and exploration of at least part of the Thame Khosi valley leading to the famous pass Tesi Lapcha connecting Khumbu with Rolwaling. If you would like to explore this valley more, you need at least the whole day. The crossing of the pass itself is a long multi-day trek.

5 to 7 day - Return to Kathmandu

You can get back from Thame the same way through Namche Bazar or if you have still enough energy, then also in an alternative walk through place Kongde (4 250 m asl), from where you will have another nice view of Everest. If you are in a hurry, so you can get back to Kathmandu in two days, but more slowly it takes three days.

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