The most beautiful waterfalls in Norway

The best of the waterfalls in Norway

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The most beautiful waterfalls in Norway
Inserted: 04.07.2018

Norway is a country most promised for waterfall lovers. Due to the frequent rainy weather and the perpendicular rock walls rising above the fjords, you will find here the highest and the most conducive waterfalls in Europe. Come and see the most beautiful of them

Latefossen waterfall

Double waterfall

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

Waterfall Latefossen is not only beautiful, but also quite original and interesting. This waterfall is split… continue reading

Tvindefossen Waterfall

Beautiful waterfall right by the road

| Altitude: 146 m / 479 ft

Next to the international road you will find the beautiful Tvindefossen waterfall. According to various… continue reading

Skjervefossen waterfall

Waterfall cut by the road

| Altitude: 217 m / 712 ft

Waterfall Skjervsfossen is interested and famous thanks to the road which lead between his two cascadas. The… continue reading

Vidfossen Waterfall

A beautiful waterfall just off Odda

| Altitude: 101 m / 331 ft

In the area of Odda town you will find a number of beautiful waterfalls. One of them is Vidfossen located… continue reading

Seven Sisters Waterfall

The most famous Norwegian waterfall

| Altitude: 101 m / 331 ft

One of the most famous waterfalls of Norway is certainly the Seven Sisters (Dei Sju Systrene), which falls… continue reading

Stigfossen Waterfall

A famous waterfall over the Troll Trail

| Altitude: 598 m / 1 962 ft

Stigfossen is a well-known waterfall around which leads the most famous road in Norway – Trollstigen. The… continue reading

Huldafossen Waterfall

Double waterfall

| Altitude: 620 m / 2 034 ft

The beautiful double waterfall of Huldafossen is located in the relatively small valley of Storedalen,… continue reading

Furebergsfossen Waterfall

Really wide waterfall

| Altitude: 32 m / 105 ft

The Furebergsfossen Falls are about 7 kilometers behind the Bondhus. It is right by the road and it is a… continue reading

Asafossen Waterfall

Beautiful waterfall near Skjolden

| Altitude: 59 m / 194 ft

The Asafossen Waterfall is located just a short drive from Skjolden, directly above the main road number 55… continue reading

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