The most beautiful sights of Salzburg

The best of Salzburg

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The most beautiful sights of Salzburg
Inserted: 26.07.2022
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Salzburg competes with Vienna for the most beautiful city in Austria, and for many it wins with its magnificent panorama. It is not surprising that you will find a number of beautiful monuments, including a monumental fortress. Let's take a look at the most beautiful sights in Salzburg.

Hohensalzburg Castle

The largest castle in Austria

| Altitude: 507 m / 1 663 ft

On the southern edge of the historic center of Salzburg you will find the monumental fortress Hohensalzburg… continue reading

Mirabell Palace

Beautiful castle in Salzburg

Altitude: 427 m / 1 401 ft

The second most important monument in Salzburg, after the famous fortress, is Mirabell Palace. The castle was… continue reading

Cathedral of Saints Rupert and Virgil, or Salzburg Cathedral

The most important church in Salzburg

Altitude: 435 m / 1 427 ft

The most beautiful dominant feature of the square is the local cathedral – the Salzburg Cathedral continue reading

Residenzplatz Salzburg

Altitude: 434 m / 1 424 ft

Finally we come to Residenzplatz, Salzburg's main square. In the middle is a nice residential fountain continue reading

Collegiate church in Salzburg

The second most important church in Salzburg

Altitude: 433 m / 1 421 ft

The collegiate church in Salzburg is a beautiful baroque monument. It is the church of the University of… continue reading

Kapitelplatz square

Altitude: 440 m / 1 444 ft

„Behind the cathedral“ there is another interesting square – Kapitelplatz, with probably the nicest fountain… continue reading


Altitude: 429 m / 1 407 ft

From the bridge with the castle of love, go through the passages to perhaps the biggest tourist artery of the… continue reading

Mozart's birthplace

Altitude: 432 m / 1 417 ft

Getreidegasse takes you to a popular tourist spot where everyone wants to be immortalized – Mozart's… continue reading

Markartsteg Bridge

Bridge with castles in love in Salzburg

Altitude: 421 m / 1 381 ft

The Markartsteg Bridge is popular with couples who leave locked locks here as proof of their love. He is… continue reading

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