The most beautiful sights in Budyšín

The best of Budyšín

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The most beautiful sights in Budyšín
Inserted: 07.07.2022
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Budyšín is a beautiful city in the southeastern part of Saxony, located in the historical territory of Upper Lusatia. You will find dozens of beautiful places here and it will take you quite some time to explore all the picturesque corners and alleys. Let's take a look at the most beautiful monuments of Budyšín.

Ortenburg Castle in Budyšín

A castle with a famous tower

Altitude: 207 m / 679 ft

On the highest point of Budyšín, on a rocky plateau above the Spree River, you will find Ortenburg Castle. It… continue reading

Town hall in Budyšín

Dominant of both main squares in Budyšín

Altitude: 221 m / 725 ft

Between the two main squares in Budyšín – Fleischmarkt and Hauptmarkt, there is a monumental town hall. It is… continue reading

The old waterworks in Budyšín

Alte Wasserkunst

Altitude: 188 m / 617 ft

One of the most famous monuments of Budyšín is the Alte Wasserkunst. At first glance it looks like a… continue reading

Cathedral of St. Peter in Budyšín

The tallest building in Budyšín

Budyšín is famous for its many towers that complete its picturesque panorama. The tallest of them is the… continue reading


The eastern landmark of the city

Altitude: 221 m / 725 ft

At the eastern end of the historic center of Budyšín, you will find the beautiful 56-meter-high Reichenturm… continue reading

The old barracks with the Serbian tower

A nearly destroyed monument

Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

During the construction and expansion of the barracks in Budyšín at the beginning of the 19th century, the… continue reading

St. Michael's Church in Budyšín

Iconic church above the river Spree

Altitude: 202 m / 663 ft

One of Budyšín's iconic buildings is St. Michael's Church. It completes the well-known cityscape with a… continue reading

Ruins of the church of St. Nikolai

The most mysterious monument in Budyšín

Altitude: 204 m / 669 ft

Cemetery with the ruins of the church of St. Nikolaje certainly has the most mysterious atmosphere of all the… continue reading

Ruins of the Monk's Church in Budyšín

Water tank in the ruins of the monastery

Altitude: 220 m / 722 ft

One of the dominant features of the city is the large reservoir located in the ruins of the former Monk's… continue reading

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