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The most beautiful rocks of Bohemian Paradise

Rock towns Bohemian Paradise

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The most beautiful rocks of Bohemian Paradise
Inserted: 09.05.2019

Bohemian Paradise is famous for its sandstone rocks. However, there are not only the most famous rocks of Prachov and Hruboskalsko. You will find a variety of beautiful rock towns worth visiting

Hruboskalské rock town

The most beautiful rock town in Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 415 m / 1 362 ft

One of the most beautiful rocky towns of Bohemian Paradise is Hruboskalsko. You will find here dozens of… continue reading

Prachovské Rocks

The most famous rock town in Czech republic

| Altitude: 462 m / 1 516 ft

Prachovské rocks are the best known and most famous rock city in the Czech Republic for both tourists and… continue reading

Příhrazské Rocks

Interesting Southeast of Bohemian Paradise


Příhrazské Rocks probably made Drábské světničky or Kobyla Rock most famous. But there are many more. For… continue reading

Klokočské Rocks

Impressive rocky prospects

| Altitude: 420 m / 1 378 ft

Klokočské Rocks belong to the less visited parts of the Bohemian Paradise, while they offer great views from… continue reading

Suché Rocks

Rock organ over Malá Skála

| Altitude: 480 m / 1 575 ft

Suché Rocks, also known as Kantor's Organ, is a very unique rock formation on the Czech side. It is a very… continue reading

Rock maze Kalich-Chléviště

The best rock town in Maloskalsko

| Altitude: 480 m / 1 575 ft

Above Malá Skála, on the western slope of Sokol Hill, you can find relatively little known rock town Kalich… continue reading

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