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The most beautiful places of the Příhraz rocks

The best of the Příhrazské rocks

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The most beautiful places of the Příhraz rocks
Inserted: 26.04.2023
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The Příhrazské skály are located at the very northwestern end of the Bohemian Paradise. The most famous local attraction is of course the famous Drábská svetničky, but we can find far more beautiful places here that are worth visiting.

Drábské světničky

The most famous rock castle

| Altitude: 375 m / 1 230 ft

Drábské světničky („Beadles dwellings“) are the biggest attraction of the southwestern tip of the Bohemian… continue reading

Ruins of Castle Valečov

Symbiosis of the castle and sandstone cl

| Altitude: 325 m / 1 066 ft

Ruins of Castle Valečov is a typical example of the ruins in the Boheamian Paradise. Local sandstone rocks on… continue reading


The highest peak of Příhrazské skály

| Altitude: 463 m / 1 519 ft

The highest peak of the southwestern tip of Bohemian Paradise is the Volcano Mužský (463 m above sea level).… continue reading

Cold passage

A unique rock gorge

Altitude: 365 m / 1 198 ft

One of the biggest attractions of the Příhrazský skály is the more than 120-meter-long rocky gorge Studený… continue reading

Kobyla rock tower

The most famous rock tower of the Bohemian Paradis

| Altitude: 330 m / 1 083 ft

The Kobyla rock tower can be found in Příhrazské skaly at the very western end of the Bohemian Paradise.… continue reading

The ruins of Klamorna Castle

Less well-known and smaller similar to Drábské svetniček

Altitude: 340 m / 1 115 ft

There is not only one rock castle in Příhrazské skály, but there are several of them, although of course… continue reading

Hynšta in the Příhrazské skály

A mysterious rock castle

Altitude: 344 m / 1 129 ft

The ruins of Hynšta Castle in the eastern part of the Příhrazské skals. Subsequently, it served as a prayer… continue reading

Sacrificial stone in Bohemian Paradise

A mystical place that not everyone knows about

Altitude: 320 m / 1 050 ft

There are several legends surrounding the sacrificial stone in the Příhrazské skály. The groove where the… continue reading

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