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The most beautiful places of the Adršpašské rocks

What to see in Adršpašské skály

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The most beautiful places of the Adršpašské rocks
Inserted: 08.12.2022
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Adršpašské skály are among the most beautiful sandstone rock towns in the Czech Republic. High rock towers, beautiful viewpoints and, as a highlight, the small gorge of the Metuje River will interest you. Let's take a look at the places that are definitely worth visiting here.


The most beautiful gorge of Adršpach

Altitude: 528 m / 1 732 ft

Passing through the gorge is really an experience for almost everyone continue reading

At the Gothic Gate

Entrance to the most beautiful gorge in Adršpach

Altitude: 512 m / 1 680 ft

Here begins one of the most beautiful passages of whole rocks – a passage through a gorge between huge rock… continue reading

A classic view of Lake Pískovna

The most beautiful lake in Adršpach

Altitude: 505 m / 1 657 ft

As soon as you enter the paid zone of Adršpašské skaly, you will be greeted by a beautiful view of the lake.… continue reading

Lobs of sugar in Adršpach

One of the most beautiful rocks in Adršpach

Altitude: 532 m / 1 745 ft

The first real attraction that you will come across on the Adršpašské skaly circuit is the beautiful lonely… continue reading

A large waterfall in the Adršpašské rocks

The mysterious waterfall in Adršpach

Altitude: 541 m / 1 775 ft

The Big Waterfall is much more interesting than the Little Waterfall. It is almost 16 meters high and flows… continue reading

Devil's bridge rock

Beautiful rock bridge in Adršpach

Altitude: 527 m / 1 729 ft

The Devil's Bridge in the form of a large rock arch is among the very interesting Adrspaš rocks. You can find… continue reading

Little Adršpaš waterfall

A small waterfall on the Metuji River

Altitude: 524 m / 1 719 ft

From the crossroads U trpaslíka, it is only a few tens of meters to the Malé Adršpašský waterfall. The… continue reading

View of the Great Panorama

A view of a whole series of rock towers

Altitude: 526 m / 1 726 ft

High above the Řeřichová gorge, on the top of the rock massif, there is the Velká panorama viewpoint. They… continue reading

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