The most beautiful places of Súľov Rocks

What to see and visit in Súľov Rocks

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The most beautiful places of Súľov Rocks
Inserted: 15.08.2021
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Súľovské skály is a nature reserve located in the protected landscape area Strážovské vrchy. In essence, it is a valley surrounded by wooded ridges from which rise beautiful dolomitic rocks serving as great views. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places in the Súľov Rocks, which you should definitely not miss

The ruins of the castle Súľov

The most visited place of Súľov Rocks

Altitude: 602 m / 1 975 ft

The ruins of the Súľov castle can be found just a short distance from the most used starting point to the… continue reading

Roháč Viewpoint

The highest viewpoint in Súľovské rocks

Altitude: 673 m / 2 208 ft

The Roháč viewpoint is not only one of the most beautiful in Súľovské skály, but also the highest. As if in… continue reading

Huge gate

The most famous rock arch of the Súľov Rocks

Altitude: 699 m / 2 293 ft

In Súľovské rocks we find two huge rock arches. One of them is the Huge Gate, which is also easily accessible… continue reading

Súľov Basin

The center of Súľov Rocks

Altitude: 444 m / 1 457 ft

The center of Súľov Rocks is the picturesque Súľov Basin. It is surrounded on both sides by rocky ridges.… continue reading

Snake hole

The most famous cave Súľovské rocks

Altitude: 568 m / 1 864 ft

In Súľovské rocks you will find not only interesting rock views, but also caves. The most famous of these is… continue reading

Brada (Súľovské skaly)

The most beautiful peak of Súľov Rocks

Altitude: 744 m / 2 441 ft

Probably the most beautiful peak of Súľov Rocks is Brada (816 m above sea level). Below its peak on the east… continue reading

Gothic gate

Beautiful rock arch in Súľovské rocks

Altitude: 563 m / 1 847 ft

The Gothic Gate is one of the most famous places in the Súľov Rocks. Today, you can see it only from the Pod… continue reading

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