The most beautiful places of Flores

The best of Flores and Komodo

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The most beautiful places of Flores
Inserted: 04.12.2019
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The Indonesian island of Flores is one of the less frequented tourists (compared to Bali and Java), while offering many interesting places such as volcanoes, caves, rainforests or distinctive villages. In addition, it is the starting point for the famous Komodo island with the famous lizard

Padar Island

The most beautiful island of Komodo National Park

| Altitude: 126 m / 413 ft

Padar Island is located in Komodo National Park, between the two larger islands of Komodo and Rinca. Most… continue reading

Inerie Volcano

The highest volcano of the island of Flores

| Altitude: 2 094 m / 6 870 ft

Inactive volcano Inerie is with its height 2245m the highest volcano of Flores island. It is located near the… continue reading

Rangko Cave

Beautiful stalactite cave with swimming

| Altitude: 24 m / 79 ft

Beautiful and not very well-known cave near Labuan Bajo. continue reading


Traditional village under the volcano


One of the most beautiful traditional villages of Flores is Bena, located near Bajawa. The views of the… continue reading

Rice fields near Ruteng

Web-shaped fields

| Altitude: 948 m / 3 110 ft

The rice fields near Ruteng have a very unusual cobweb shape. This shape has its historical origin and reason… continue reading


Traditional village

| Altitude: 788 m / 2 585 ft

One of the traditional villages near Ruteng is Todo. Although not as large as the more famous Wae Rebo, it… continue reading

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