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The most beautiful places in the Giant Mountains

The best of Podkrkonoší

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The most beautiful places in the Giant Mountains
Updated: 25.04.2023
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Podkrkonoší is a somewhat unjustly neglected area between the Bohemian Paradise and the Giant Mountains. You will find a lot of scenic hills, a few nice cities and many other attractions. Come see the places that are worth visiting

Hospital Kuks

Baroque pearl

| Altitude: 304 m / 997 ft

The Baroque complex of the Kuks Hospital is built in a picturesque location above the river Elbe. Perhaps the… continue reading

Dvůr Králové ZOO

Zoo focused on Africa

| Altitude: 303 m / 994 ft

Dvůr Králové ZOO is the second largest ZOO in the Czech Republic. It is famous for its focus on African… continue reading


The most beautiful town in the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 433 m / 1 421 ft

Practically at the very eastern end of the Giant Mountains you will find the town of Trutnov. It boasts… continue reading


A beautiful town below the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

Due to its location on the river Elbe, right at the foot of the Giant Mountains, Vrchlabí is called the… continue reading

Dam Les království

Beautiful dam in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

Thanks to the pseudo-Gothic turrets on the top of the dam looks this building more like an old castle rather… continue reading

Ruins of Kumburk Castle

Great view of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 642 m / 2 106 ft

The ruins of Kumburk Castle situated on the hill of the same name Kumburk (642 meters above sea level) is a… continue reading


One of the gates to the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 461 m / 1 512 ft

Jilemnice is a small town located south of the Giant Mountains. There is a picturesque square, a nice castle,… continue reading


City of sculptors and tubes

| Altitude: 316 m / 1 037 ft

Hořice, located halfway between Jičín and Hradec Králové, below the Hořický Chlum ridge, is famous for its… continue reading

Dvůr Králové

The city is famous not only thanks to the ZOO

| Altitude: 297 m / 974 ft

The town of Dvůr Králové, located in the valley of the river Elbe, is associated by most visitors only with… continue reading

Pecka Castle

Guardian of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 442 m / 1 450 ft

Above the town of Pecka you will find a castle of the same name on the hill. Only the walls of the original… continue reading


Pilgrimage site near Lázně Bělohrad

| Altitude: 334 m / 1 096 ft

Byšičky is a very romantic place just a short walk from Lázně Bělohrad. On a small hill rises the church of… continue reading


The town with the most famous town hall tower in the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 353 m / 1 158 ft

Hostinné is a small town in the Krkonoše foothills located by the river Elbe. It is worth a visit mainly… continue reading


Beautiful outlook place of Sněžka

| Altitude: 671 m / 2 201 ft

Zvičina (671 m asl) belongs among the highest peaks in Podkrkonoší („the foothills of the Giant Mountains“).… continue reading

Nová Paka

The heart of the Bohemian Paradise Cheetah

| Altitude: 424 m / 1 391 ft

Nová Paka is a town in the Krkonoše Mountains, known for its brewery. Probably the biggest local sights is… continue reading

Lomnice nad Popelkou

The town below Tábor

| Altitude: 480 m / 1 575 ft

Under the mighty Tábor hill you will find the town of Lomnice nad Popelkou. In addition to the exhibition… continue reading

Belohrad Spa

Spa town on the outskirts of the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 297 m / 974 ft

On the southern edge of the Giant Mountains, on the river Javorce, you will find the small picturesque town… continue reading

Hřídelecká hůrka quarry

A quarry drilled volcano

| Altitude: 368 m / 1 207 ft

One of the most interesting quarries in the entire Bohemian Paradise can be found in the Tertiary volcano… continue reading

Wanderer's farm

A beautiful example of Baroque folk architecture

| Altitude: 438 m / 1 437 ft

One of the most beautiful examples of Baroque folk architecture in the Giant Mountains is the majestic… continue reading

Swimming pool Dachova

Sun Spa near Hořice

| Altitude: 347 m / 1 138 ft

Dachova Swimming Pool is a natural swimming pool with historic wooden changing rooms just a short distance… continue reading

Masaryk Lookout Tower Independence Tower

A lookout tower, which is also an architectural gem

| Altitude: 405 m / 1 329 ft

It is a lookout tower near the town of Hořice on the ridge of Hořický vrch at a height of 408 m above sea… continue reading

The ruins of the Návarov castle

Famous ruins over the river Kamenice

Altitude: 409 m / 1 342 ft

The ruins of Návarov Castle can be found on a rock high above the river Kamenice. Unfortunately, not much has… continue reading

Ski jumps Lomnice nad Popelkou

Original lookout tower

| Altitude: 587 m / 1 926 ft

The Lomnice nad Popelkou ski jumps are open to the public. The highest of them serves as a great view of the… continue reading

Windmill in Borovnice

The most beautiful windmill in the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 527 m / 1 729 ft

On the edge of the small village Borovnice lying between Pecka and Horka near Stará Paka you will find a… continue reading

Kamenice River (Jizera tributary)

A river popular with paddlers

Altitude: 404 m / 1 325 ft

One of the largest tributaries of the Jizera is Kamenice. It originates in the Jizerské hory and roughly from… continue reading

Kramář's villa in Vysoké nad Jizerou

Hotel Větrov

Altitude: 698 m / 2 290 ft

At the northern end of Vysoké nad Jizerou you will find the picturesque mansion Kramářova vila (in which the… continue reading

Lookout tower / Monument to General Gablenz

Occasional lookout tower

| Altitude: 418 m / 1 371 ft

The memorial of General Gablenz is a reminder of the victory of the Austrian army in the battle of Trutnov in… continue reading

Novopacké waterfalls

Little known waterfalls near Nová Paka

| Altitude: 462 m / 1 516 ft

Just a short distance from Nová Paka or Štikov, you will find two waterfalls. The most interesting is their… continue reading

Church of St. Jan Nepomucký in Zálesní Lhota

The largest church in the Giant Mountains

| Altitude: 479 m / 1 572 ft

In the small village of Zálesní Lhota you will find the surprisingly monumental church of St. Jan Nepomucký… continue reading

Lookout tower on Kozinec

Kozinec lookout tower near Nové Paky with a view of the Giant Mountains

Altitude: 596 m / 1 955 ft

The lookout tower on the lower peak of Kozince can also be seen from the viewpoint. It is only about 500… continue reading

Chapel of Zlatnice

Mining chapel

Altitude: 493 m / 1 617 ft

In the middle of the forests between Borovnice and Vidochov you will find an interesting chapel Zlatnice and… continue reading

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