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The most beautiful places in Teide National Park

What to see and visit in Teide National Park

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The most beautiful places in Teide National Park
Inserted: 04.11.2021
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Teide National Park is located right in the center of Tenerife. It is its most desolate and highest part. Teide National Park basically borders the ancient volcanic caldera around the younger volcano Pico del Teide – the highest peak in all of Spain. Most visitors to Tenerife go only to the highest peak of the island or the fairytale rocks of Roques Garcia, but the national park offers many more interesting places and peaks to visit

Volcano Pico de Teide

The highest mountain in Spain

| Altitude: 3 718 m / 12 198 ft

The Canary Islands belong more to Africa than Europe, and although there is the highest mountain of Spain –… continue reading

Roques de Garcia

The most beautiful rock formations in Tenerife

| Altitude: 2 140 m / 7 021 ft

Rock pinnacles Roques de Garcia is one of the most visited places in the National Park of Las Canadas del… continue reading

Pico Viejo

The second highest mountain in Tenerife

| Altitude: 3 003 m / 9 852 ft

Although the Pico Viejo volcano (3,135 m above sea level) is to the second highest in Tenerife, it has the… continue reading

Alto de Guajara

Spectacular panoramic view of the Las Cañadas

| Altitude: 2 718 m / 8 917 ft

This dominant mountain is located on the northern flank of the vast caldera, Las Cañadas on Tenerife.… continue reading

Montana Blanca

The most colorful hill in Tenerife

| Altitude: 2 750 m / 9 022 ft

Montana Blanca (2,750 meters above sea level) is a red-colored hill located on the slope of the monumental… continue reading

Risco de la Fortaleza

Rock Fortress

| Altitude: 2 159 m / 7 083 ft

The Risco de la Fortaleza „Rocky Fort“ (2,159m above sea level) is located in the northern lower part of the… continue reading

Montaña del Cerrillar

Volcanoes, volcanic rocks and nice views

| Altitude: 2 106 m / 6 909 ft

Montaña del Cerrillar is located on the edge of the Las Cañadas caldera in the Teide National Park. Around… continue reading

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