The most beautiful places in Saxony

The best of Saxony

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The most beautiful places in Saxony
Inserted: 29.09.2022
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Saxony is a German state known for its many beautiful castles. Apart from them, you will find several picturesque cities such as Dresden or Bautzen. On the southern border of the country, you will find natural beauty in the Saxon Switzerland, Žitava and Ore Mountains. Let's take a look at the places in Saku that are really worth visiting.


The capital of Saxony

Altitude: 110 m / 361 ft

Dresden is not only the most beautiful but also the capital of Saxony. More than half a million people live… continue reading


The most beautiful town in Upper Lusatia

Altitude: 221 m / 725 ft

Budyšín, the metropolis of the historical area of Horní Lučice (today divided between Saxony, Poland and the… continue reading


The famous rock bridge

| Altitude: 243 m / 797 ft

This rock bridge in the Saxon Switzerland National Park is one of the most popular places. In Czech it is… continue reading

Bad Muskau Castle

The Neo-Renaissance gem of Saxony

Altitude: 108 m / 354 ft

One of the most beautiful castles in all of Saxony is the one in Bad Muskau, just a short distance from the… continue reading

Weesenstein Castle

A beautiful castle above the river Müglitz

Altitude: 173 m / 568 ft

Weesenstein Castle is built on a picturesque location above the Müglitz River, a few kilometers south of the… continue reading


The most beautiful Table Mountain

| Altitude: 415 m / 1 362 ft

Lilienstein (415 meters above sea level) has the reputation of being the most beautiful table sandstone… continue reading

View of Wildeck Castle

Beautiful castle in Zschopau

Altitude: 340 m / 1 115 ft

The bridge over the river offers perhaps the most beautiful view of Wildeck Castle continue reading

Oybin Castle

Small castle on Table Mountain

| Altitude: 467 m / 1 532 ft

In the spa and excursion town of Oybin, on the German side of the Lusatian Mountains, we find a beautiful… continue reading

Monument to the Battle of the Nations

The largest building of its kind in Europe

| Altitude: 150 m / 492 ft

The Battle of the Nations Memorial (Völkerschlachtden­kmal) is located southeast of the center of Leipzig. It… continue reading

Scharfenstein Castle

The largest castle in the Zschopau valley

Altitude: 377 m / 1 237 ft

Scharfenstein Castle can be found just a few kilometers south of the town of Zschopau. The castle is typical… continue reading

Swedish pits

Rock pass in Saxon Switzerland

| Altitude: 206 m / 676 ft

The Swedish pits are a short distance from Bastei. It is a beautiful rock pass, which is very neglected,… continue reading

Königstein Fortress

The biggest fortress in Europe

| Altitude: 157 m / 515 ft

Fortress founded by Czech King Václav III. is the largest fortress in Europe. The tower system has a… continue reading


The highest peak of the Lusatian Mountains

| Altitude: 793 m / 2 602 ft

Directly on the border with Germany stands the beautiful volcano – Luž (793 m above sea level). It is the… continue reading

Dresden Frauenkirche

One of the most important Baroque buildings in Germany

| Altitude: 115 m / 377 ft

The Frauenkirche (Church of the Virgin Mary) is an Evangelical Lutheran church in Dresden, Germany. It is one… continue reading

City Hall in Chemnitz

The most important monument in Chemnitz

Altitude: 298 m / 978 ft

The biggest monument in Chemnitz, literally, is the monumental town hall. You will find it in the very center… continue reading

Inner courtyard

A beautiful castle in the foothills of the Ore Mountains

Altitude: 525 m / 1 722 ft

Lauenstein is associated with falconry. Even here at the castle we can see several specimens of raptors and… continue reading


The most famous bridge in Saxony

Altitude: 140 m / 459 ft

The famous and very photogenic Rakotzbrücke, aka Devil's Bridge, can be found just a short distance from the… continue reading


The highest peak of the German Ore Mountains

Altitude: 1 215 m / 3 986 ft

The top of this mountain is quite vast and you will also find a nice bell continue reading

Wolkenstein Castle

A beautiful castle in the valley of the Zschopau river

Altitude: 444 m / 1 457 ft

In the Zschopau river valley in the German part of the Ore Mountains you will find a number of interesting… continue reading

Kuckuckstein Castle

Castle looking like a castle

Altitude: 357 m / 1 171 ft

A short distance from the highway leading to Dresden, you will find the small town of Liebstadt, in which the… continue reading

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