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The most beautiful places in Maloskalsko

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The most beautiful places in Maloskalsko
Inserted: 30.05.2021
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The north-western island of the Bohemian Paradise is a very popular Maloskalsko for tourists and paddlers. The axis of this beautiful area is the river Jizera, which penetrated through the Ještěd ridge. Here you will find rock towns typical of the Bohemian Paradise, dolomitic rocks or the nice ruins of Frýdštejn Castle. An ideal area for weekend exploring. Let's see what we definitely visit here

Rock maze Kalich-Chléviště

The best rock town in Maloskalsko

| Altitude: 480 m / 1 575 ft

Above Malá Skála, on the western slope of Sokol Hill, you can find relatively little known rock town Kalich… continue reading

Frýdštejn Castle Ruins

The most romantic ruin of Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 475 m / 1 558 ft

The ruin of Frýdštejn Castle is far from recognizable thanks to the large circular tower standing on the… continue reading

Vranov Rock Castle

Pantheon over Mala Skala

| Altitude: 340 m / 1 115 ft

A typical view from Malá Skála is the Vranov rock castle, also known as the Pantheon. The castle was wooden,… continue reading

Suché Rocks

Rock organ over Malá Skála

| Altitude: 480 m / 1 575 ft

Suché Rocks, also known as Kantor's Organ, is a very unique rock formation on the Czech side. It is a very… continue reading

Drabovna Rock Town

Rock town near Malá Skála

| Altitude: 428 m / 1 404 ft

If you set off from Turnov along the red hiking trail in the direction of Malá Skála, you will come across a… continue reading

Kopanina lookout tower

Maloskalska lighthouse

| Altitude: 657 m / 2 156 ft

Already in 1894, an 18 meter high lookout tower was built on the Kopanina hill (657 m above sea level). It is… continue reading


The highest peak of the Jičín Hills

| Altitude: 562 m / 1 844 ft

Directly above river Jizera, near Malá Skála, is located the highest peak of Jičín Hills – Sokol (562 meters… continue reading

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