The most beautiful places in Guatemala

What to see in Guatemala

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The most beautiful places in Guatemala
Inserted: 29.03.2021
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Guatemala is considered one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. You will be captivated not only by the beautiful volcanoes, the amazing Lake Atitlan, but also by the beautiful Mayan monuments and the local jungle. Let's see which places you are sure to see and visit


The most famous Guatemalan Mayan monument

Tikal is one of the Mayan cities, which was basically overgrown with lush jungle and only in recent decades… continue reading

Fuego Volcano

One of the most active volcanoes in Central America

| Altitude: 3 753 m / 12 313 ft

The stratovolcano ** Fuego ** translated as „fiery“ is a very active, 3763m high volcano near the historic… continue reading

Atitlan Lake

The deepest lake in Central America

| Altitude: 1 558 m / 5 112 ft

Lake Atitlan (1 558 m asl) is a real gem not only in Guatemala but throughout Central America. Caldera of… continue reading

Agua Volcano

Volcano above the city of Antigua

| Altitude: 3 729 m / 12 234 ft

The inactive stratovolcano ** Agua ** (translated as „water“) 3765m high rises above the historically… continue reading

Antigua Guatemala

Beautiful city under the volcanoes

| Altitude: 1 545 m / 5 069 ft

Antigua Guatemala is a beautiful historic, earthquake-damaged city in central Guatemala. Its horizon is… continue reading

Volcano Atitlán

The highest volcano at Lake Atitlan

| Altitude: 3 535 m / 11 598 ft

Atitlan volcano (3 535 m asl) is indeed the highest mountain in the vicinity of Lake Atitlán, but thanks to a… continue reading

Volcano San Pedro

Queen of Atitlan

| Altitude: 3 020 m / 9 908 ft

Lush vegetation-covered cone of volcano San Pedro rises directly from the shores of fabled Guatemala Lake… continue reading

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