The most beautiful places in Georgia

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The most beautiful places in Georgia
Inserted: 19.06.2022
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Georgia offers an incredible mix of beautiful places – the wild mountain nature of the Caucasus with icy peaks, beautiful lakes and gorges along with the Caucasian culture of fortified villages. In addition, the early Christian tradition with interesting monasteries and churches. Let's see which places in Georgia are definitely worth a visit.


Massive Caucasian volcano

| Altitude: 5 047 m / 16 558 ft

Kazbek (5,047 m above sea level) is a massive volcano on the Georgian-Russian border. It is the third highest… continue reading

Impressive rock town

The most famous rock city in Georgia

Altitude: 1 300 m / 4 265 ft

Vardzia had both of its greatest glory as many as seven floors and reportedly up to 3,000 rock flats.… continue reading


Altitude: 2 119 m / 6 952 ft

We combined a visit to this town with a trek via Adishi (Basic route: Mestia – Zhabeshi – Adishi – Khalde /… continue reading

Lake view

Beautiful lakes above Mestia

Altitude: 2 736 m / 8 976 ft

Despite the high ambient temperature, the lakes were very cold. However, it is perfectly sufficient to… continue reading


Monastery at the end of Georgia

Altitude: 703 m / 2 306 ft

The monastery also has smaller fortifications with watchtowers continue reading

Ushba glacier

Georgian Matterhorn

Altitude: 4 770 m / 15 650 ft

After less than five hours, we reached the viewpoint of Mount Ushbu. As it was the beginning of September and… continue reading

Church of Cminda Sameba

The famous church below Kazbeg

Altitude: 2 165 m / 7 103 ft

One of Georgia's most iconic sites is Cminda Sameba Church, standing on a hill high above the village of… continue reading

Ushba Waterfall (Shdugra)

The most famous waterfall in Georgia

Altitude: 2 352 m / 7 717 ft

On the way to the glacier falling from the famous Georgian mountain Ushba you will come across the most… continue reading

Chauki pass (3,338m)

The highest point of the trek from Juta to Roshka

Altitude: 3 335 m / 10 942 ft

If you go on a trek to the Abudelauri lakes, a beautiful route awaits you from Juta to Roshka. The highest… continue reading


Altitude: 1 418 m / 4 652 ft

The starting point for Koruldi lakes was the famous town of Mestia. It houses dozens of defense towers and is… continue reading

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