The most beautiful places in Chalkidiki Athos

The best of Halkidiki Athos

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The most beautiful places in Chalkidiki Athos
Inserted: 08.09.2019
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Athos is the northernmost of the three peninsular „fingers“ of Halkidiki. You will find mainly beautiful beaches and monasteries in the monastic state of Athos. Let's take a look at the most beautiful places to see here

Mount Athos

Holy Mountain of the monastic state Athos

| Altitude: 2 030 m / 6 660 ft

The top of Mount Athos (2,030 meters above sea level) is located as the crow flies only three kilometers from… continue reading

Simonpetra Monastery

Monastery high on the rock

| Altitude: 241 m / 791 ft

Simonopetra Monastery is perched in the rocks high in the mountains above the sea (330 meters). It means… continue reading

Trimi Beach

Perhaps the most beautiful beach in Halkidiki

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Trimi Beach is a less accessible beach just a short distance from the monastic border. Thanks to the rocks at… continue reading


The main tourist town on Athos


On the part of the northern finger of Athos, which is freely accessible to tourists (not under the monastic… continue reading

Kakoudia Beach

Beach with beautiful rock

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Just a few kilometers north of Lerissos, at the Nautilus apartment village you will find the beautiful… continue reading

Dochiariou Monastery

Monastery looking like a castle

| Altitude: 25 m / 82 ft

Dochiariou Monastery was founded in the 10th century. Now there live about 50 monks. Located directly by the… continue reading


Picturesque archipelago

| Altitude: 1 m / 3 ft

Drenia is a archipelago of two large and several smaller islets. Here you will find beautiful beaches, cliffs… continue reading

Osiou Gregoriou Monastery

Monastery built on a rock above the sea

| Altitude: 6 m / 20 ft

Right on the rock above the sea you will find the beautiful Osiou Gregoriou Monastery. A little further is… continue reading

North beach in Ouranoupoli

The most beautiful beach in Ouranoupoli

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

In Ouranoupoli you will find a number of nice beaches, both right in the center of the city, but there is a… continue reading

Dionysiou Monastery

Monastery near Holy Mount Athos

| Altitude: 24 m / 79 ft

Dionysiou Monastery is located directly by the sea at the end of the canyon valley. It dates back to the 14th… continue reading

Monastery of st. Panteleimon

The most monumental of the monasteries on Athos

| Altitude: 24 m / 79 ft

The most monumental of the monasteries on Athos is the monastery of st. Panteleimon, nicknamed Rossikon. It… continue reading

Koumitsa Beach

Beach near the monastic state

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

If you set out from Nea Roda in the eastern direction, you will arrive in Koumitsa after just five kilometers… continue reading

Xenophontos Monastery

Monastery neo-classical look

| Altitude: 15 m / 49 ft

Xenophontos Monastery nowadays has only 50 monks. It was built in the 19th century and is renowned for its… continue reading

Zygos Monastery Ruins

Ruins of a historic monastery

| Altitude: 11 m / 36 ft

Even on the Greek side of the Athos Peninsula, just before the monastic border, you will encounter the ruins… continue reading

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