The most beautiful national parks of Norway

The most beautiful areas in Norway

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The most beautiful national parks of Norway
Inserted: 03.04.2021
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Norway offers truly amazing Nordic nature – waterfalls, fjords, glaciers and high mountains. You can find the best of it in the national parks that cover much of Norway. Let's take a look at the most beautiful ones


Norway's highest mountain range


Jotunheimen is a large mountain area in the southern part of Norway. The highest mountain is Galdhøpiggen (2… continue reading

Rondane National Park

Typical Norwegian mountains


Rondane National Park covers a beautiful area of the same name with several two thousand peaks. The area is… continue reading


Glacier near the sea

Altitude: 1 778 m / 5 833 ft

The glacier Haugabreen appears in all its glory suddenly in front of us behind the last rock.   continue reading

Hardangervidda National Park

The largest plateau of northern Europe


Hardangervidda National Park is situated on the plateau of the same name. It is a landscape with a huge… continue reading

Folgefonna National Park

The second largest glacier in Norway

Altitude: 1 617 m / 5 305 ft

Opposite the vast vast Hardangervidda plateau and a short distance from the sea fjords lies the beautiful… continue reading

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