The most beautiful national parks of Argentina

What to visit in Argentina

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The most beautiful national parks of Argentina
Inserted: 18.03.2021
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Argentina occupies the entire southeast of South America and is one of the largest countries in the world. Especially at its western border, at the Andes ridge, it offers incredibly beautiful nature protected fortunately in a number of national parks. Let's take a look at the most beautiful ones that you should definitely not miss when visiting Argentina

National park Los Glaciares

The most beautiful region of Argentina


National Park Glaciares belongs to the most beautiful areas of Patagonia, Argentina and the world – it is… continue reading

Iguazú National Park

Around the most beautiful waterfalls in the world


Around the Iguazú falls is a national park along both sides of the border – the Brazilian „Parque Nacional do… continue reading

Nahuel Huapi National Park

National Park around Bariloche


One of Argentina's most famous tourist destinations is the neighborhood of San Carlos de Bariloche located on… continue reading

Lanín National Park

Volcanoes, lakes and araukarie

Altitude: 3 725 m / 12 221 ft

Lanín National Park is dominated by the glacier-covered volcano of the same name. It belongs to the zone of… continue reading

Aconcagua Provincial Park

The highest mountain area of South America

Altitude: 6 907 m / 22 661 ft

The highest mountain in South America is located in the eponymous provincial park. It is a region desolate… continue reading

National Park Tierra del Fuego

Beautiful countryside of Land of Fire

| Altitude: 180 m / 591 ft

Only a short distance west of the capital city of Fire Country – Ushuaia, is the Tierra del Fuego National… continue reading

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