The most beautiful national parks in Equatorial Africa

How to visit national parks in Equatorial Africa

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The most beautiful national parks in Equatorial Africa
Inserted: 09.01.2022
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East Equatorial Africa offers magnificent yet relatively accessible national parks. Here you will find national parks in the savannah, where you can undertake famous safaris, but also interesting, mostly volcanic mountain ranges in the most famous Kilimanjaro. Let's see which national parks are the most interesting and beautiful in Equatorial Africa.

Kilimanjaro National Park

National park with the highest mountain of Africa


In the Kilimanjaro National Park you will find three volcanic peaks, Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira. The highest… continue reading

Serengeti National Park

The largest and most famous national park in Tanzania

Altitude: 1 469 m / 4 820 ft

A large area in northern Tanzania, known mainly for one of the world's natural wonders: the Great Migration,… continue reading

Queen Elizabeth National Park

The largest concentration of hippos in Uganda

Altitude: 914 m / 2 999 ft

At the western end of Uganda is the extensive Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park includes two large… continue reading

Mount Kenya National Park

Landscape around the highest mountain of Kenya

| Altitude: 5 083 m / 16 677 ft

Massive Mount Kenya is situated in the National Park of the same name, is one of the most beautiful mountain… continue reading


Animal paradise

Altitude: 1 807 m / 5 928 ft

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area is directly adjacent to the Serengeti National Park. The area is inscribed… continue reading

Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

One of the last places for mountain gorillas

Altitude: 2 651 m / 8 698 ft

At the very southwestern tip of Uganda you will find a small but very beautiful Mgahinga Gorilla National… continue reading

Masai Mara National Reserve

The most famous national reserve in Kenya

Altitude: 1 554 m / 5 098 ft

The very famous and well-known Serengeti National Park in Tanzania is followed by the Masai Mara National… continue reading


National park overlooking Kilimanjaro

Altitude: 1 049 m / 3 442 ft

There are really a lot of elephants in Tsavu. continue reading

Lake Nakuru National Park

Beautiful national park around Lake Nakuru

Altitude: 1 808 m / 5 932 ft

The heart of Nakuru National Park is the beautiful Lake Nakuru located just outside the city of Nakuru (170km… continue reading

Semuliki National Park

Swampy tropical forest on the border of Uganda and Congo

Altitude: 692 m / 2 270 ft

In the lowlands north of the mighty Ruwenzori Mountains, you will find the rest of the tropical rainforest in… continue reading

Lake Manyara National Park

Tanzania's smallest national park

Altitude: 958 m / 3 143 ft

National park with a name derived from Lake Manyara, which makes up about two thirds of its area. The park is… continue reading

Gorillas everywhere you look

Mountain gorilla refuge

Altitude: 1 075 m / 3 527 ft

There are about 10 gorillas in the group, including a several-week-old cub. continue reading

Tarangire National Park

Park around the river Tarangire

Altitude: 1 014 m / 3 327 ft

The safari in Tarangire National Park, along with Lake Manyara National Park, is a bit in the shade of the… continue reading

Elephant loner

A small but very popular national park in Kenya

Altitude: 1 130 m / 3 707 ft

The elephants in Ambosel Park are said to have some of the longest tusks. In the background Kilimanjaro. continue reading


One of the largest national parks in the world

Altitude: 599 m / 1 965 ft

Red earth, blue sky and animals. It's Tsavo. continue reading

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