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The most beautiful monuments in Vrchlabi

What to see in Vrchlabí

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The most beautiful monuments in Vrchlabi
Inserted: 14.03.2021
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Vrchlabí, the famous gateway to the Giant Mountains, unexpectedly offers quite a few interesting sights. The highlight is the beautiful castle surrounded by a large park. Let's see what to visit and see here

Vrchlabí Chateau

The most beautiful monument in Vrchlabí

Altitude: 487 m / 1 598 ft

From TG Masaryk Square it is only a few tens of meters to the most beautiful monument of the town of Vrchlabí… continue reading

City Hall in Vrchlabi

An interesting neo-renaissance building

Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

The complete center of Vrchlabí is TG Masaryk Square with an interesting town hall. It was one of the first… continue reading

Castle park in Vrchlabí

The most pleasant place in Vrchlabí

Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

An absolute oasis is the castle park with a nice lake, where you escape the hustle and bustle of the city.… continue reading

Church of St. Vavřince in Vrchlabí

The biggest landmark of Vrchlabí

Altitude: 489 m / 1 604 ft

On the Peace Square in Vrchlabí you will find the biggest landmark of the city – the neo-Gothic church of St.… continue reading

TG Masaryk Square in Vrchlabí

The most beautiful square in Vrchlabí

Altitude: 485 m / 1 591 ft

The center and most exhibited part of Vrchlabí is definitely TG Masaryk Square. There are a number of… continue reading

Giant Mountains Museum Vrchlabí

A small open-air museum right in the center of Vrchlabí

Altitude: 489 m / 1 604 ft

The Vrchlabí Giant Mountains Museum and the information center are located in four very valuable gabled… continue reading

Monastery of the footed Augustinians in Vrchlabí

Altitude: 492 m / 1 614 ft

From the castle park you can comfortably get to another important monument in Vrchlabí – the monastery of the… continue reading

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