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The most beautiful monuments in Jičín

What to see and visit in Jicin

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The most beautiful monuments in Jičín
Inserted: 20.11.2021
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Jičín as the eastern „gateway“ to the picturesque area of Bohemian Paradise serves as a famous tourist destination. The city itself also has a lot of interesting monuments, especially from the time of the mighty Duke Wallenstein, and it is definitely worth a visit. Let's take a look at the most beautiful monuments you will find in Jičín

Wallenstein Square in Jičín

The largest square in the Bohemian Paradise

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

The historic center of town Jicin is formed by large (150×90 meters) Wallenstein Square, which is surrounded… continue reading

Valdštejn's loggie

The most famous monument from the Wallenstein

| Altitude: 300 m / 984 ft

One of the most interesting buildings in Bohemian Paradise is Valdštejn's loggie, located just a few… continue reading

Valdice tower

The main landmark of Jičín

| Altitude: 280 m / 919 ft

52 m high Valdice tower not only dominates the Wallenstein Square, but basically the entire town Jičín. In… continue reading

Wallenstein Castle Jicin

The center of power of the Duke of Wallenstein

Jičín Castle was to become the center of the great Duchy of Frýdlant. After the death of Duke Wallenstein,… continue reading

Church of St. Jacob

The most important church in Jičín

After a tour of Wallenstein Square, head along the Church of St. Jacob in the direction of the castle garden.… continue reading


The oldest tower in the Czech Paradise

| Altitude: 331 m / 1 086 ft

Until the hill Čeřovka overgrew with huge oaks and beeches, lookout Milohlídka provided beautiful views… continue reading

Castle garden in Jičín

A pleasant piece of greenery right in the center of Jičín

The castle garden has two different floors – the higher one is directly connected to the castle and is full… continue reading

Cinema Bohemian Paradise

The most beautiful cinema in Bohemian Paradise

Altitude: 271 m / 889 ft

Another interesting building in Jičín is a beautifully renovated cinema – Biograf Český ráj, located just… continue reading

Jewish Synagogue

The most important Jewish monument in Jičín

Just a short walk from Wallenstein Square is the old Jewish synagogue (entrance fee is paid here) continue reading

Masaryk Theater in Jičín

Jičín Cultural Center

The eastern part of the historic center of Jičín ends at the nice Masaryk Theater. Not only theater… continue reading

Jičín Jewish Cemetery

A half-forgotten Jewish cemetery near Jičín

| Altitude: 287 m / 942 ft

Far beyond the end of the town of Jičín you will find a half-forgotten Jewish cemetery. Since it is… continue reading

Church of Our Lady of Sorrows de Sale

Church near the Main Jičín Cemetery

Altitude: 277 m / 909 ft

At the interesting Main Jičín Cemetery, with monuments to the Prussian – Austrian War, you will find the… continue reading

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