The most beautiful lakes in the USA

The most beautiful lakes in the United States

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The most beautiful lakes in the USA
Inserted: 10.02.2022
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Due to their size and natural diversity, the United States offers a number of amazing lakes – from salt lakes to beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains. Let's take a look at the most interesting and beautiful of them.

Mono Lake

Lake with fairytale towers

| Altitude: 1 946 m / 6 385 ft

Mono Lake is a salt lake in California. Due to the drop in water level, the tufa tower rise. This towers can… continue reading

Lake Tahoe

The second deepest lake in the USA

| Altitude: 1 898 m / 6 227 ft

To the north of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, on the border of California and Nevada, not far from Carson City… continue reading

Lake Powel

The most beautiful dam lake in USA

| Altitude: 1 096 m / 3 596 ft

Powel Lake was created by flooding the spectacular Glenn Canyon in Utah and Arizona. Nowadays, the lake has… continue reading

Diablo Lake

The TOP from North Cascades

| Altitude: 369 m / 1 211 ft

We can say about Diablo Lake that it is the main place that everyone in this park will visit. Its turquoise… continue reading

View from the other side

The most beautiful lake in Glacier National Park

Altitude: 1 191 m / 3 907 ft

Here I met a family that has Slovak ancestors. Beautiful reflection of the lake. continue reading

Great Salt Lake

Lake in which it is not possible to drown

| Altitude: 1 279 m / 4 196 ft

The Salt Lake was first discovered by the Mormons, and its size was so great that they thought they had… continue reading

Mohave lake

Lake in Mojave Desert

| Altitude: 195 m / 640 ft

South of Las Vegas, the Colorado River is dammed by the Davis Dam. Thanks to it, Lake Mohave could be formed… continue reading

Pine Flat Lake

Lake in the foothills of Sierra Nevada

| Altitude: 281 m / 922 ft

In the picturesque foothills of the Sierra Nevada, on the King River, there is a large lake, or rather a dam,… continue reading

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