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The most beautiful lakes in New Zealand

The most breathtaking lakes in New Zealand

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The most beautiful lakes in New Zealand
Inserted: 30.10.2020
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Thanks to its wild mountain and volcanic nature, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world for many travelers. In addition to mountains, glaciers and volcanoes, you will also find a large number of beautiful lakes in which you can swim, kayak or watch them from the mountain peaks that surround them. Let's take a look at the most beautiful of New Zealand's lakes

Pukaki Lake

A huge lake created by the glacier

| Altitude: 446 m / 1 463 ft

The Great Lake Pukaki is renowned for its beautiful color and in good weather condition with a stunning view… continue reading

Lake of the Tasman glacier

The lake at the end of the longest glacier

| Altitude: 781 m / 2 562 ft

The longest glacier in New Zealand is Tasman glacier, which is long with 27 kilometers. The glacier is… continue reading

Emerald lakes

Three eyes of Tongariro

| Altitude: 1 735 m / 5 692 ft

Perhaps the most famous view from the Tongariro Alpine Cross trek is the view from the Red Crater on three… continue reading

Wakatipu Lake

The longest lake in New Zealand

| Altitude: 215 m / 705 ft

Wakatipu Lake is the longest in New Zealand. You will find here beautiful beaches, tempting to swim, and the… continue reading

Hawea Lake

A lake created during the Ice Age

| Altitude: 240 m / 787 ft

Lake Hawea is a large lake created like most of the Great Lakes on the South Island by a massive glacier… continue reading

Rotoiti Lake

The jewel of Nelson Lakes National Park

| Altitude: 602 m / 1 975 ft

Lake Rotoiti is located on the northern edge of Nelson Lakes National Park. It is a great tourist starting… continue reading

Rotorua Lake

The remains of a prehistoric volcano

| Altitude: 287 m / 942 ft

Lake Rotorua is the second largest lake on the North Island. Of interest are the sulfur fumaroles at the… continue reading

Tarawera Lake

Lake with beautiful sunrise

| Altitude: 301 m / 988 ft

Lake Tarawera is just a quarter of an hour’s drive from Rotorua. It is worth a visit just before dawn, when… continue reading

Tekapo Lake

Perfect natural harmony

| Altitude: 721 m / 2 365 ft

he view of the beautiful bluish lake near the town of the same name Lake Tekapo is literally enchanting.… continue reading

Wanaka Lake

The fourth largest lake in New Zealand

| Altitude: 259 m / 850 ft

Lake Wanaka is one of the largest lakes in New Zealand. This lake was also excavated by a huge glacier. From… continue reading

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