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The most beautiful bridges in the Czech Republic

The most interesting bridges in the Czech Republic

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The most beautiful bridges in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 08.02.2022
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In the Czech Republic we can find a number of not only historic but also technically interesting beautiful bridges. Let's take a look at the most beautiful and interesting of them.

Charles Bridge

The most beautiful bridge in the Czech Republic

| Altitude: 200 m / 656 ft

Charles Bridge is the oldest bridge in Prague (the second oldest in the whole Czech Republic) and at the same… continue reading

Mantle bridge in Český Krumlov

One of the most remarkable bridges in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 489 m / 1 604 ft

One of the biggest attractions in Český Krumlov is the local Cloak Bridge. It was presented and modified in… continue reading

Stone bridge in Písek

The oldest preserved stone bridge in the Czech Republic

Altitude: 362 m / 1 188 ft

The stone bridge in Písek is historically the second oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic and the oldest… continue reading


Famous duality

Altitude: 383 m / 1 257 ft

Due to its uniqueness, this building has become a national technical monument. The construction of the… continue reading

Podolský bridge

Formerly one of the largest bridges in Europe

Altitude: 352 m / 1 155 ft

The main road number 29 on the route from Písek to Tábor crosses the deep canyon of the Vltava River after… continue reading

Jurkovič's covered wooden bridge

Unique wooden covered bridge

Altitude: 318 m / 1 043 ft

Jurkovič's covered wooden bridge is one of the biggest attractions in Nové Město nad Metují. It connects the… continue reading

Žďákovský bridge

The largest single-arch bridge in the world

| Altitude: 350 m / 1 148 ft

Žďákov Bridge is a very interesting technical unique situated on the road no.19 connecting Tábor and Pilsen.… continue reading

Medieval renaissance bridge near Lutrian

A place to restore the past

| Altitude: 447 m / 1 467 ft

Beautiful well-preserved medieval Renaissance bridge from the 16th century with three arches. It is located… continue reading

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