The most beautiful areas of Venezuela

What to visit in Venezuela

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The most beautiful areas of Venezuela
Inserted: 23.02.2021
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Venezuela is a very diverse South American country. Here you can see the highest waterfalls in the world, the rainforest, the table mountains towering over the savannah, but also the huge river Orionoko or the high Andes. Let's see where it is definitely worth going in Venezuela

Canaima National Park

The most beautiful area of Venezuela


Canaima National Park is among the world's largest protected areas. It is also one of the most beautiful… continue reading

Gran Sabana

The most beautiful table mountains in the world


The most beautiful and interesting table mountains in the world can be found in the Gran Sabana region of… continue reading

Sierra Nevada National Park (Venezuela)

National park with the highest mountain in Venezuela

Altitude: 4 870 m / 15 978 ft

To the southeast of the large city of Merida is the Sierra Nevada National Park (Parque Nacional Sierra… continue reading


The second largest river in South America

| Altitude: 0 m / 0 ft

Orinoko is the second largest river in South America along the famous Amazon. Its size is especially… continue reading

Mochima National Park

Venezuelan Caribbean

| Altitude: 32 m / 105 ft

The Mochima National Park consists of 36 islands with white beaches surrounded by a mountainous coastline. It… continue reading

Cueva del Guácharo National Park

Park with the largest cave in Venezuela

Altitude: 1 342 m / 4 403 ft

Just west of Caripe you will find the interesting Cueva del Guácharo National Park. It is located in the… continue reading


Capital of Venezuela

| Altitude: 884 m / 2 900 ft

Caracas, like any other large city in South America, offers the opposite of large poverty and exhibition… continue reading

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