The highest mountains of Slovakia

List of high mountains in Slovakia

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The highest mountains of Slovakia
Inserted: 08.07.2021
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Slovakia is a relatively much mountainous country through which the northwestern part of the Carpathian arc leads. Several mountains exceed a height of two thousand meters above sea level. Let's take a look at the tallest ones

The High Tatras

The smallest high mountains in the world

| Altitude: 2 654 m / 8 707 ft

The highest slovak mountains – the High Tatras are the biggest tourist and climbing attraction all over the… continue reading

Western Tatras

The western end of the Tatras

Altitude: 2 178 m / 7 146 ft

The Western Tatras are located both in Slovakia and in Poland and thus fall into two national parks – Tatra… continue reading

Belianske Tatras

National nature reserve in the east of the Tatras

Altitude: 2 152 m / 7 060 ft

In the very east of the Tatras we find its beautiful limestone part – Belianske Tatras. Due to nature… continue reading

Low Tatras

Little Brother of the High Tatras

| Altitude: 2 046 m / 6 713 ft

The second highest Slovak mountain range – Low Tatras is not only an attraction for summer, but especially… continue reading

Descent into Brona's saddle

The highest part of the Beskydy

Altitude: 1 725 m / 5 659 ft

The next part of the hike continues through similar terrain to the saddle of Bron. The path can be shortened… continue reading

Malá Fatra

Range with the most beautiful mountain in Slovakia

| Altitude: 1 709 m / 5 607 ft

Malá Fatra is the fourth highest mountain range in Slovakia and one of the most visited. The highest peak is… continue reading

Choč Hills

Inconspicuous mountains among the giants

| Altitude: 1 611 m / 5 285 ft

Chočské vrchy are less visited mountains in Slovakia, mainly due to „better“ destinations such as the High… continue reading

Veľká Fatra

Infinite meadows

| Altitude: 1 596 m / 5 236 ft

The National Park of Veľká Fatra is one of the dominants of Slovakia, which is covered by a large number of… continue reading


Impactful region

| Altitude: 1 458 m / 4 783 ft

The Poľana Protected Landscape Area is known mainly for its ascent to the eponymous peak, in addition to… continue reading

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