The highest mountain range of Switzerland

The most beautiful mountains in Switzerland

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The highest mountain range of Switzerland
Inserted: 13.09.2023
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Switzerland is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe. It is not surprising that there are several mountain ranges with peaks over four thousand meters above sea level. The Montblanc massif also extends into Switzerland, but it has lower peaks than other Swiss mountain ranges. So let's take a look at the highest mountain range in Switzerland.

Wallis Alps

The most mountainous region of Switzerland

| Altitude: 4 634 m / 15 203 ft

The Wallis Alps have the highest average height in Europe. The highest peak of the Wallis Alps is the… continue reading

Bernese Alps

Europe's most picturesque mountain range

| Altitude: 4 274 m / 14 022 ft

The Bernese Alps is without a doubt one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. There are famous… continue reading


The highest mountains of the Eastern Alps

Altitude: 4 048 m / 13 281 ft

Bernina is the highest mountain range in the Eastern Alps. There is also the only four thousand in the… continue reading

Mont Blanc Massif

The most beautiful area of France

| Altitude: 4 808 m / 15 774 ft

The Mont Blanc massif is the highest part of the Alps, spread over the territories of three countries: France… continue reading

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