Zakynthos sightseeing holiday

The best excursion circuit on the island of Zakynthos

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Zakynthos sightseeing holiday
Inserted: 28.03.2019
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Zakynthos does not only offer Navagio with the famous wreck. If you rent a car for a few days and drive through the island through and through, you will discover a lot of beautiful beaches, interesting cliffs, mountain views, but also caves and picturesque villages. The capital of Zakynthos itself is worth a visit both day and night

Day 1-3: Laganas surroundings and Zakynthos town

For the first three days, explore the interesting surroundings of the Laganas tourist center. Here you will find a nice beach in Kalamaki surrounded by a cliff, the beach of Agios Sostis and the side port with the famous island of Cameo. Take a boat trip to the interesting island of Marathonisi. Take a trip to the capital of Zakynthos. If you hurry, you can do it in two days

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Article: Tour of Laganas Bay

For most visitors to Zakynthos, Laganas, located in the middle of a large bay, is the starting point for a tour of the island.… continue reading

Tour of Laganas Bay
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Article: City tour of Zakynthos

The capital of Zakynthos boasts a picturesque historic center, where it really lives in the evening, and a nice harbor promenade.… continue reading

City tour of Zakynthos

Day 4 - 5: North coast of Zakynthos

The north coast offers several very interesting beaches such as Xygia, Makris Gialos and large tourist resorts such as Tsilvi and Alikes. There are also nice views of the mountains in the middle of the island. You can manage the whole trip in this direction even in a day, if you do not want to spend more time swimming and travel more for fun

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North coast of Zakynthos

Day 6 - 7: Trip to the Vasilikos Peninsula

The Vasilikos Peninsula as the mountainous eastern tip of Zakynthos offers beautiful beaches such as Dafni, Gerakas, Porto Zorro and more. The main thing can be seen in one longer day, but it is definitely worth staying longer

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Article: Trip to the Vasilikos Peninsula

Vasilikos Peninsula is a very nice part of Zakynthos. It is the easternmost part of it. The highest point is Mount Skopos (496m).… continue reading

Trip to the Vasilikos Peninsula

Day 8: Southwest Coast

The southwest coast of Zakynthos offers beautiful white cliffs and several fjord beaches

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Article: A trip along the southwest coast of Zakynthos

The west coast of Zakynthos offers few opportunities for swimming, while the dramatic scenery of huge white cliffs and rocks.… continue reading

A trip along the southwest coast of Zakynthos
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Article: Swimming on the beach of Limni Keriou

Right on the mountainous Keri Peninsula, opposite the famous Marathonisi Island, you will find the very pleasant Limni Keriou… continue reading

Swimming on the beach of Limni Keriou

Day 9: Trip to Navagio

Finally, you can take the most famous trip in all of Zakynthos – a cruise to Navagio beach. In the dark, you can take it inland. While sailing to Navagio, there is also a stop at another local Blue Cave attraction

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Article: The port of Agios Nikolaos

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The port of Agios Nikolaos
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Article: Cruise to Navagio beach

The most famous place on the island of Zakynthos is the beach Navagio with the famous wreck. If you want to bathe on it, you have… continue reading

Cruise to Navagio beach
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