Trip to the mountain pastures Postalm

A trip above the Salt Chamber

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Trip to the mountain pastures Postalm
Inserted: 06.03.2021
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Postalm pastures are the largest mountain pastures in Austria. They are located high above the lakes of the Salt Chamber. A trip here will reward you with light tourism through beautiful cottages with even more beautiful views.

How to get to Postalm

The starting point for the Postalm mountain pastures can be reached via the Postalmstraße toll road connecting the Lammer valley below the Tennengebirge and Strobl lakeside at Lake Wolfgangsee.

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Driving on Postalmstraße

Classic circuit after Postalm

There are several car parks by the Postalmstraße, from which you can go on various hikes and climb several adjacent peaks. If you are here for the first time, be sure to try the classic circuit, from which you will see everything essential

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Walk through the meadows of Postalm

Tips for mountain ascents from Postalm

From the center of Postalm you can go to three easy peaks – Wieslerhorn, Windkogel and Thorhöhe, which offer really great views.

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Ascent to Windkogel and Thorhöhe from Postalm
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