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A place where pilgrims enter their wishes

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Stones greeting card
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The composition on the banks of the Moravská Dyje River, not far from the village of Staré Hobzí, which consists of seven multi-ton boulders, is called „Wish Stones“. Pilgrims can insert scrolls of paper with written wishes into the holes in the painted stones. According to legend, the spring water then takes them and takes them to the Black Sea. The wish is then dissolved in the sea, then evaporated. In this way, they become part of the natural cycle, which ensures the fulfillment of many wishes.

Artistic-philosophical composition

This place was ceremoniously unveiled on May 27, 2006 by a night happening with the sound of several dozen drums. The composition was created by sculptor Lubo Kristek as part of the artistic and philosophical route of pilgrimage sites from the source of the Moravian Dyje to the confluence of the Dyje and Moravia. The stones are a gift from the village of Panenská Rozsička, where the Moravská Dyje river springs.

Artistic-philosophical composition
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