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Uniquely preserved functional water saw

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Penikov water saw
Inserted: 01.01.2021
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This preserved water sawmill is located below the dam of the pond near the settlement of Peníkov, about 2 km southwest of Český Rudolec. as well as in Europe in terms of completeness of equipment and originality of the state unique. The saw is functional and it is possible to visit it and see a sample of the cut.

Preserved building

This building, originally from the 17th century, is located directly below the dam of the pond and has been preserved with the original equipment. The brick part of the saw is partly sunk into the dam, so it was possible to slide the logs into the sawmill area directly from the road to the dam. Next to the sawmill is the former Doubkův mlýn, which is privately owned and not accessible to the public.

Preserved building
Author: Martin Javorský ©

Preserved functional technology

The current equipment of the saw dates from about 1865 and was in operation until the fifties of the twentieth century. The water from the pond drives a water wheel with a diameter of 3 meters, and with the help of an oak shaft and a gear, a vertical saw blade in a wooden frame and a trolley with a log are driven via a crank mechanism. The small water wheel then reverses the truck. This unique technology was restored in 2003 by the master master Jan Kudrna from Radíkov. at 15.00, admission CZK 50 for adults and CZK 20 for children

Preserved functional technology
Author: Martin Javorský ©
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