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The main square of Antwerp

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Great market
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In the very center of Antwerp you will find its town hall, which is within sight of the Cathedral of Our Lady on the main square, the Grote Markt. This 67 m long renaissance town hall stands on the square surrounded by guild houses from the 16th and 17th centuries with rich sculptural decoration. The giant Druon Antigon once ruled on the river Scheldt, forcing sailors coming to the port to pay him high fees. If someone refused to pay, the giant ripped off both his hands and threw them into the river. The Roman soldier Silvius Brabo matured into a giant. It was he who in turn cut off the giant's hand with his sword and threw it triumphantly into the river. This scene is also illustrated by a statue on a fountain. According to legend, it was then that the city got its name „Antwerpen“ from the Dutch connection „hand werpen“ – „tear hands“. The hero Brabo is said to have named the province of Brabant again. If you look closely, you will come across reminders of this story in Antwerp at almost every step.

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