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The most important synagogues in the Czech Republic

The largest, oldest and most beautiful synagogues in the Czech Republic

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The most important synagogues in the Czech Republic
Inserted: 09.07.2022
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A number of beautiful synagogues were destroyed in the Czech Republic during the Second World War, as well as elsewhere in Europe. Even so, a few very interesting ones have survived to this day. Let's take a look at the oldest, largest and most beautiful synagogues in the Czech Republic.

Old Synagogue

The oldest synagogue in the Czech Republic and in Europe

Altitude: 190 m / 623 ft

The Old Synagogue in Prague is a Gothic monument from the 13th century. It is the oldest synagogue in the… continue reading

The Great Synagogue in Pilsen

The second largest synagogue in Europe

| Altitude: 317 m / 1 040 ft

The Great Synagogue is located in the center of Pilsen in Sady Pětatřicátníků Street. It is the largest… continue reading

Žatec Synagogue

One of the most beautiful synagogues

Altitude: 237 m / 778 ft

It is only a short distance from the hop farm to the great Žatec synagogue. Those interested can also go on a… continue reading

Cologne Synagogue

The Cologne Synagogue is one of the oldest and most important in the Czech Republic. It is located in the… continue reading

Spanish Synagogue in Prague

Synagogue in the Moorish style

Altitude: 190 m / 623 ft

In the Jewish town of Prague – Josefov, you will find a number of synagogues. One of the most beautiful and… continue reading

Český Krumlov Synagogue

The center of the Jewish religious community

Altitude: 492 m / 1 614 ft

South of the historic center of Český Krumlov you will find the Synagogue below the City Park. It was not… continue reading

Jewish Synagogue

The most important Jewish monument in Jičín

Just a short walk from Wallenstein Square is the old Jewish synagogue (entrance fee is paid here) continue reading

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