The most important mountain saddles of the Giant Mountains

The highest passes of the Giant Mountains

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The most important mountain saddles of the Giant Mountains
Inserted: 23.10.2022
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Despite the fact that the Krkonoše Mountains are a relatively short mountain range, the complete ridge is only about 50 kilometers long, you will find several important mountain saddles here, both from a tourist point of view and from a traffic point of view.

Modré sedlo

The way between Lucni and Studnicni moun

| Altitude: 1 510 m / 4 954 ft

Modré sedlo („Blue pass“; 1 510 m asl) is the highest mountain pass in the Czech Republic. It lies between… continue reading

Obří sedlo („Giant pass“)

The most crowded place thoughout Giant M

| Altitude: 1 390 m / 4 560 ft

Obří sedlo („Giant pass“; 1 390 m asl) is situated to the west of the highest Czech mountain – Sněžka. It is… continue reading

View of Mužské kameny

Crossroads under Smělec

Altitude: 1 355 m / 4 446 ft

Now you will descend to a shallow saddle between the daredevil and Mužské kameny, where this stage ends. The… continue reading

Slezské sedlo

Bus stop

| Altitude: 1 198 m / 3 930 ft

Slezské sedlo („Silesian pass“; 200 m asl) located below the mountain Malý Šišák  (1 439 m asl) is an… continue reading

Border sheds (1,050m)

Road pass between Poland and the Czech Republic

Altitude: 1 050 m / 3 445 ft

Pomezní budy (1,050m) is one of the most famous starting points to the Eastern Giant Mountains. At the same… continue reading

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