The most beautiful waterfalls in the Balkans

The best of the waterfalls in the Balkans

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The most beautiful waterfalls in the Balkans
Inserted: 27.02.2022
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You will find beautiful European waterfalls not only in Norway or the Alps. The Balkan Peninsula offers a number of beautiful karst waterfalls, mostly with bathing lakes. The most famous of the Balkan waterfalls can be found in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Skradinski buk waterfall

The most beautiful Croatian waterfalls

| Altitude: 6 m / 20 ft

On the Krka river you will find a number of waterfalls, the most famous of which is Skradinski Buk, which… continue reading

Kravica waterfalls

The most famous waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Altitude: 47 m / 154 ft

Kravica Waterfalls are located on the river Trebižat near the village Gornji Studenci. They are over 100… continue reading

The great waterfall of Plitvica lakes

The most beautiful waterfall of Plitvice Lakes

| Altitude: 505 m / 1 657 ft

One of the most beautiful places in the entire Plitvice Lakes is a panoramic view of the Great Waterfall and… continue reading

Water will find its way everywhere

The most beautiful waterfall in Una National Park

Altitude: 299 m / 981 ft

Water wherever you look. It buzzes, foams, bubbles, sings, splashes. continue reading

Milanchev Buk

The second most famous waterfall in Una National Park

Altitude: 349 m / 1 145 ft

Milančev Buk Waterfall is smaller than the more famous Štrbački Buk, but also very nice. Calcareous sediments… continue reading

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